Thursday, 20 December, 2018

Capturing the Right Campaign Data Part 2

If you missed last week’s blog post read it now… Last week, I wrote that part of the challenge in...
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Wednesday, 22 August, 2018

The "Unspecified" Problem

You’ve created a beautiful new digital campaign for your brand that you plan to track through Adobe Analytics. Perhaps you’re...
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Monday, 20 August, 2018

Running Your Enterprise on Premium Data

Suppose you were lucky enough to own a Lamborghini or some other outrageously expensive and powerful luxury car. What kind...
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Friday, 12 January, 2018

Talking 'bout a (clean data) Revolution

By now, you’ve probably seen some version of this alarming news: Bad Data Costs US companies three trillion dollars a...
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Thursday, 4 January, 2018

3 Reasons 2018 will be the Year of Data Governance

I’ve been writing about data quality in marketing for quite a while now, and I think the moment is right...
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Thursday, 21 December, 2017

Have you gone through your pre-launch checklist?

Would you feel comfortable taking off in a plane, knowing that the pilot and co-pilot had neglected to run through...
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