Get Started with Marketing Data Standards through Claravine

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Find out why standardized marketing data across your teams, agencies, and tools is driving better better marketing performance at Fortune 1000 companies.

(And how it can help your company, too.)


Claravine allows for a streamlined, highly customizable interface where stakeholders
across an organization (and partners) can come together to establish governance over
media metadata. This data is invaluable in efforts to supercharge analytics and
insights with the right level of richness and granularity.


Enable accurate measurement from start to finish for every team


Adapt to today’s transformation and be ready for tomorrow’s challenges

Greater ROI

Get the most out of every investment in teams and tech

create accurate, consistent, & accessible
customer experience data
for everyone

Unite decentralized teams with a common blueprint of data standards.

Don’t waste time on ETL and bad data.


Content & Creative

Deliver more, better content - faster.

Marketing & Ad Ops

Exceed KPIs with speed & precision.

Digital Marketing

Acquire & retain, even in a walled future.

Analytics & B.I.

Reliable end-to-end insights, on-demand.

Standardize, expand, & connect
data across partners
& tech (globally)

Efficiency, accuracy, & traceability
for content, creative, &
marketing/ad ops

Enriched collaboration &
control of data sharing between
teams & agencies

Keep Your Tech Stack ━ But Make It Better

Be the Hero.
Unite & conquer With better Data.

Start your journey to better data, org-wide, with a one-hour data strategy consultation. We'll uncover your current state, key business goals, and challenges to data quality to reveal gaps and opportunities in your specific workflows across marketing, content, analytics, and more.