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JennyWe are proud of our team at Claravine — collectively we have decades of experience in digital media and technology. TF Marketer Alyssa Edwards recently sat down with our Director of Channel Partnerships, Jenny Peel, to learn about what led her to Claravine.
Q- Tell me a little bit about your career, where you come from, your background:
I’m new to this industry, but I’ve been involved with tech startups for quite a while now. I’ve always been really intrigued by creative ideas, people developing some new product that solves a problem. I come from a creative background; for 8 years I was an interior designer and had my own firm. When I was running my business it was so challenging to be everything, to wear all the hats. I started thinking about how I could scale my business, and how to use ideas I had for doing interior design electronically. So I decided to get an MBA and really explore how to create scalable businesses.
I was very interested in technology and creativity and where they intersect. During my MBA at BYU I interned with several tech startups and caught the tech startup bug. I also worked for a venture capital firm for a little while. And then I began doing marketing and sales for a company called uGenius that developed the first video banking software. We got acquired by NCR, a large 120-year-old company. They were in the middle of a transformation from hardware provider to software, looking at SaaS and other solutions. At NCR I worked as a sales specialist covering the US and Canada, working with about 50 of NCR’s clients. After 3 years I started working as a channel account manager for four of their largest partners. I worked on driving $25 million in sales through our partner channel, and I just loved it. I love creating deep relationships with partners, helping them build their businesses and giving them tools to be successful.
Then my husband’s work took us to Japan. I had been talking to Claravine for about a year, and they had said they were very interested in developing their re-seller channel, and would love some feedback from me about how to do that. I’m now working remotely from Japan, helping them build this. It’s a win-win; I really love it. Coming from the FinTech industry, I’m newer to the analytics side of things, but I get marketing, so it definitely fits into my interests. I’ve known John Boyd for years and I really respect him. When I met Craig I was impressed with his approach and with what he’s built, and I wanted to be a part of the team.
Q- Is there anything in particular that really drew you to Claravine?
My passion is helping to build companies, helping people who are trying to create something. I really like the speed to market, and the way you can be a disruptive force in markets. I’m drawn to working on something that really helps others do their job better, more efficiently, or more more powerfully. I love being a part of those things. Honestly, I think what drew me to TF was Craig and John; I think they’re just really good people–it’s about the team more than anything, but I also think the product is very exciting.
Q- What’s something from your background that you’re excited about bringing to Claravine?
I love matchmaking, taking two things that you might not see together and connecting them in an interesting way. So this idea of matching up ideas and people, or finding a need and finding a novel solution is what I really love. I see this role, as director of channel partnerships, as the ideal matchmaking. We’re looking at these amazing analyst companies and digital marketing companies, looking for the gaps they have, and trying to help them with a solution, and their feedback helps us create better solutions–we create this synergy together. I love connecting with people and seeing how we can benefit each other mutually. I really like being able to bring that to the group. I also love developing creative market strategies–entrepreneurial marketing and sales is really where my passion is.

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