How To Enhance Link Data For Better Brand Experiences (Claravine Version)

This webinar will discuss the steps leading brands take to enable best-in-class link management through campaign data governance. We’ll explain how to make sure each experience you provide meets the conditions for consistent analytics and a clear picture of which links are driving interaction with your brand. 

After this webinar, participants will understand how to:

  • Create unique links to drive engagement across channels
  • Ensure data is standardized for consistent, complete analytics
  • Validate experience readiness automatically
  • Translate richer analytics to better engagement


Bitly is a Link Management Platform that lets you harness the power of the link by allowing you to easily shorten, share, manage and analyze your links. We empower businesses to create trusted, powerful recognizable links that maximize the impact of every digital initiative. When you optimize links with our link management platform, you can measure each touchpoint in one place, making it easy to build for the needs of your customers and internal teams alike.


Claravine is the leader in Digital Experience Data Management, with over 3,500 brands globally using their software to standardize, enrich, and connect marketing data across teams and channels. As a result, teams achieve the marketing precision needed to drive conversion across each customer touchpoint. Use Claravine’s cloud-based platform to standardize, create and validate campaign tracking.

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