AdWeek NYC 2022 Unleashing Unified Content and Media Performance with Metadata

Hear from GroupM, Vanguard, and Aprimo on how joining together media and content metadata will unlock new methods of activation, measurement and insights. Learn from content and media experts as they discuss the intersection of campaigns, content and advertising and how it will transform your marketing.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Listen to Digital Media Ops Consultant, Tim Scales, on how Bristol-Myers Squibb used Claravine’s platform to implement global marketing data standards across the entire marketing org.

“Tighter governance with Claravine could easily lead to 20% ROI.”

Solutions Engineering Director @ Cardinal Path

“The Claravine technology helps keep data in order across different workflows so that teams work together more efficiently.”

Head of Data Consulting @ Leading Global Advertising Agency

“Firstly, Claravine helps solve the issue of data governance, with nearly 100% insight into our data collection. Secondly, it creates an opportunity to fast track or create more robust measurement and analytics capabilities.”

SVP, Integrated Customer Engagement @ Leading Global Advertising Agency

“Making sure that you have the best handle on what portion of your advertising interaction does remain observable, that makes a platform like Claravine even more imperative.”

Solutions Engineering Director @ Cardinal Path

Gartner Cool Vendors in Marketing Data and Analytics

New and perennial challenges in marketing data management have sparked a wide array of solutions that aim to improve the usability of marketing data. Digital marketing leaders should consider these vendors providing innovative solutions for data collection, quality and activation.

Published 10/20/2022 by By Rachel Smith, Matt Wakeman, Benjamin Bloom, Lizzy Foo Kune

AdExchanger Best Data Technology 2022

Claravine was awarded the “Best Data Technology” at The AdExchanger 2022 Awards for our data strategy case study with one of the biggest retailers in the world.

Case Study: Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Featured Content: Industry Publications

CMSWire How metadata allows organizations to quickly pivot their digital campaigns

Organizations need the tools to avoid missteps in the first place. This is where metadata comes in. By attributing metadata to all your digital ads, your organization can identify, find and pull a group of potentially insensitive content with just a few clicks.

VentureBeat Is poor data quality undermining your marketing AI?

The most common reason AI and ML fail in the marketing sector is that there’s little consistency to the data across all campaigns and strategies. Every campaign, initiative, and program has its unique meta-tags, taxonomies, and data structures.

TechTarget Unlock data clean rooms by solving the people problem

The terms taxonomy and naming conventions come up frequently, but these terms are used in service of trying to standardize metadata for media campaigns and creative advertising. When these critical data assets are managed in silos, they become inaccessible to the measurement teams that would benefit the most from this additional data.

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