Ecommerce Data Management for Growth

What price are you paying for poor product data?

The integrity of your catalog data directly impacts sales, productivity, and customer happiness. With Claravine, you can standardize this data to drive better decisions, stickier consumer experiences, and increased ROI.

Define & Manage Your Product Taxonomy

You worked hard to build your products — but your catalog has become an unwieldy mess. Now what? A clean, accessible product taxonomy can harmonize even the most cluttered and bloated catalogs. Claravine helps you define and optimize standards to maximize your most valuable asset.

Develop a Common Product Attribute Language

Fuel analysis and execution with tools to create, access, and maintain a universal product taxonomy. Within Claravine’s centralized environment, teams can build reliable, enriched product data to enable greater downstream visibility into product performance across core dimensions.

Unlock Metadata’s True Value

Reduce duplicate effort and labeling ambiguity with standardized and connected metadata. Create optimal customer experiences, optimize product placement, and easily track inventory and sales with detailed, consistent data across platforms.

Optimize the Customer Buying Experience

Customer experience is everyone’s priority. Help teams closest to your data with collaborative standardization tools. Use the newly created depth and clarity of data to enhance every customer touchpoint and increase sales performance.

Improve SEO

How smart is your metadata? Maximize product visibility by feeding web crawlers more relevant, structured data. Save time with bulk edits to title tags and meta descriptions while creating intelligent standards.

Drive Engagement & Purchase

Surface your most valuable content to deliver experiences that convert. Even with weighty product catalogs, you can develop rich, complete, customer-centric categories to optimize messaging and creative, tailor recommendations, increase product findability, and uncover valuable insights.

Deliver More Value Across Your Org

Open the data layer for collaboration in order to develop more value across teams. Easily share data across product initiatives with your newfound standards now in place. Improve team effectiveness executing customer-centric messaging in email, social, and more.

Ensure Product Accuracy

Understanding product availability and sales velocity are critical to business growth. Data standards around product attributes feed reliable reporting and insights and improve operational efficiencies across your organization.

Track Product Successes (and Failures)

Connect teams with accessible, dependable data for strategic decision making and optimization. Do your teams understand what’s selling, where, and why? Do consumers have the right details to locate and purchase products? A centralized, standardized product catalog empowers your organization to act quickly and keep the customer experience on track.

Recognize and Reward Sales

Create greater transparency into what’s selling, how much, and who contributed. With product accuracy, you’ll get the full picture across marketing, sales, and finance to correctly attribute and allocate incentives and budgets.

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Share data across your essential systems.

Talk to our team to see our full list including custom options available via API.

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Ready to take control of your data?

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