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  • This environment is shared
  • Test data is cleared periodically
  • User access is for a limited period


Do I have to be a customer to access Claravine's Test Drive?
No. Simply request access via the form. Once approved, our team will reach out with login details and next steps. Typically within 1 business day.
I'm in the test drive account and have questions!
Use the chat bot in the bottom right corner to search documentation or see suggested steps. Still unsure? You can use this same feature to reach our team.
Can my teammates test drive?
They sure can! They can request a login through the same sign-up process.
Is data in Test Drive visible to others?
Yes. The environment is a shared space by all Test Drive users. Please be thoughtful about the data you add given the shared nature as submitted data may be viewable by others outside of your organization. Do not use the test drive environment to process the personal information of any individual.
Are datasets and users there to stay?
Data and users in this environment are temporary and limited in scope because the purpose is to test out capabilities, not manage and store data. We will periodically clean up the data and user access in the space.
I want to do more than the test drive account allows. How do I access what I want?
If you're ready to explore the capabilities of other user types, integrations, or use cases contact us and we'll set you up with the next best step!

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