G2 Reviews – Why Claravine – Customer Reviews

G2 Reviews – Why Claravine – Customer Reviews

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The need for quality data is paramount for your business. Many of the top brands in the world know this and choose us to make it happen. 

We recognize the importance of partnership with our customers and it shows. Nobody does it quite like Claravine. 

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Quality of Support
You don’t have a great business if you don’t have great customer support.


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We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to all of our customers.


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Data management and governance shouldn’t be so painful. We make it easy.

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Timothy S

Claravine FTW

I have worked with Claravine for several years and everyone on our account is responsive. The software operates logically and is highly customizable. Anything I need, I am able to build within the platform. The data flows seamlessly and the team is agile if there are any discrepancies.
Meredith W

A “Game Changer” for our Marketing Analytics Departments Enterprise Wide

I love the data governance that Claravine provides. Like most companies, we started out with our UTM generation in a spreadsheet that was shared across subject matter experts, agencies, and anyone else creating UTM links. 
Douglas F

Claravine: and indespensible digital tool for our marketing efforts

We use Claravine to create custom templates for campaign and content data standards. This saves our team a lot of time – and the fact that we can allow our marketing partners to “self-service” once we create the templates, is a real time-saver. 
Sean K

Claravine solution has exceeded our needs despite scaling to a diverse set of stakeholders

Flexibility in creating various types of templates for different stakeholder groups.
I can update the underlying metadata without having to rely on IT which means I can get it done fast.
Roberto R

Great tool that provides an easy to use UI that enables easy data tagging and categorization

The easy to use UI has to be one of it’s strengths. With one training session, we were able to be up a running using the majority of the features that we needed.
Kenyatta M

Claravine has been easy to use, customize and implement.

The ease of use and automated integration with digital analytics reporting tools.

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