20 Aug 2018

Running Your Enterprise on Premium Data

Suppose you were lucky enough to own a Lamborghini or some other outrageously expensive and powerful luxury car. What kind...
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02 Aug 2018

What Does It Mean to "Track" Your Marketing Data?

It’s a truism in Marketing in 2018 that “everything is trackable.” Ask the average marketer if he tracks his campaigns,...
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24 Jul 2018

To Combat Ad Fraud, Take Control of Your Campaign Data

I’m sure by now most of us have seen some version of the alarming headline from a recent report by...
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09 Jul 2018

The Emergence Of Cross-Channel Marketing & Why It’s Breaking Analytics

Successful marketers are nearly 35 times more likely to use cross-channel marketing. In our ever-connected technological world, you have to...
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27 Jun 2018

Claravine Announces New Headquarters and Appoints Matt Nelson as VP of Marketing

Provo, UT: Claravine, an enterprise data governance platform designed to enable true, cross-channel enterprise insights, today announced the opening of...
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12 Jun 2018

How to Invest in Data Quality and Why

Today’s business world is data-driven, and the use of software that takes the tedium out of your tracking code and...
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