10 Jul 2019

Claravine’s New Chief Product Officer Leads Integrations With Google and Facebook

Today Claravine announced it has hired Chris Comstock as Chief Product Officer, where he will lead product innovation of Claravine’s...
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27 Jun 2019

How to Govern Tracking Code Creation

Suppose your team has received a mandate from above: your company is about to amp up its digital marketing in...
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07 May 2019

Data Disorganization is a Big Problem

Last week, my colleague wrote about Building an Accurate View of Marketing Performance, with the recommendation that organizations should put...
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25 Apr 2019

Building an Accurate View of Marketing Performance

If you do a web search for “Build a Marketing Dashboard,” or “How to Measure Marketing Success,” you’ll find plenty...
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02 Apr 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts of Data Enrichment

The recent Analytics Nexus event, hosted by Claravine, included an industry-leading lineup of speakers. If you weren’t able to attend,...
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06 Mar 2019

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking

At Claravine, we talk a lot about Campaign Analytics. And we usually assume that our audience understands the industry jargon...
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