A New Standard In AI

Claravine AI is a suite of features fueled by artificial intelligence, machine-learning, and computer vision that bring structure, consistency, and standards to teams, technology, and data. Put AI in the hands of marketing teams for better data quality, accuracy, and decisions.

Image & Video Classifications

Access the full depth of context in your image and video assets. We don’t just scrape metadata. We analyze frames to construct the full “aboutness” of a scene. Use previously inaccessible detailed content data to enrich metadata for activation and analysis.

Content Comprehension

Instantly unlock classifications and content metadata in The Data Standards Cloud. Activate a consistent data taxonomy that aligns to industry standards across brand safety, context, emotions, affinities, subject, objects, events, activities, places, and more including custom models.

Metadata Enrichment

The complexity and speed of creative development is accelerating. A standard process for metadata is vital. Enhance and enrich creative classification across systems so you can track and measure both human and AI-generated creative assets.

Content Similarity Detection

Leverage our content IDs to compare assets. Immediately visualize an asset and identify and surface similar content in your workflows so you can launch campaigns with confidence.

Audio & Text Analysis

We pay attention to all your content resources. Natural language processing makes the most of an asset’s text and audio. Not only can we identify the language present, but we use onscreen text and metadata – like title and description – to inform comprehension and transcriptions.

Our APIs

Need even more flexibility? Leverage a single API endpoint to classify all your content and creative. Or integrate Claravine AI into your technology and workflows exactly how you need data.

Content & Creative Classification API

With just 13 lines of code, you can take control of your growing volume of content, putting your entire portfolio to work while enhancing the value of assets. From editorial decisioning to yield management get the most from our API.

Livestreaming Classification API

Apply this tool to live streamed or broadcast content, controlling the application of tags natively as content runs. Determine brand safety and optimize revenue by matching advertisers to the context of the broadcast or live stream.

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