Put an End to Bad Marketing Data

(and the that come with it)

Take a proactive data approach to improve your marketing performance and future-proof your business.

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Take a proactive approach to future proofing.  A data strategy anchored in standards frees you from the disruption of policy and privacy changes while helping your teams focus on what matters: results.

Acquire and retain customers, even in a changing identity landscape. Explore. 

Get content to market in record time. Learn how. 

Exceed goals with precision and speed. Read more.

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Discover quick, reliable measurement and insights. Check it out. 

Solve complex business challenges by unlocking AI’s potential. See how. 

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Construct and manage your data language from one central platform.

Integrate and automate standards across your partners, channels and systems.

Monitor, update and govern access to standards in a secure, flexible platform that scales and grows with you.

Data Integrity starts with standards. Stop spending time fixing poor quality data. Start creating consistent, complete and rich data with standards.


Your marketing stack needs premium data to drive premium performance. Claravine unifies campaign and experience tracking across ad solutions, channels, and marketing platforms, ensuring precision across each marketing execution. As a result, you have the data quality to power unified reporting views, attribution models, and personalized experiences across each customer touchpoint.

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The first platform to finally help you take ownership of your data integrity.