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The volume, complexity and changing nature of data and software is accelerating exponentially. IBM estimates $3.1 trillion yearly cost of poor data quality in the US alone. Business success hinges on maximizing the value of this data, yet many still rely on antiquated processes like spreadsheets and reactive, outdated approaches like ETL to improve data utility. 


Your marketing stack needs premium data to drive premium performance. Claravine unifies campaign and experience tracking across ad solutions, channels, and marketing platforms, ensuring precision across each marketing execution. As a result, you have the data quality to power unified reporting views, attribution models, and personalized experiences across each customer touchpoint.

A Better Approach to Data Integrity

Claravine does things differently. We let organizations to take ownership of their data by putting the power in the hands of the people that are responsible for creating their data’s integrity.


Define and manage your unique data language

Bring your taxonomy to life across systems

Create custom templates for data standards

Enable users to browse, draft, review, and submit


Integrate and automate your standards across your ecosystem from a central platform

Audit, manage and standardize data formats and control flows across channels and systems

Validate your standards in-action across systems

Build applications and workflows on top of Claravine’s API


Evolve standards and access to meet your changing needs

Govern standards with permissioning by user, role and group

Review, audit, and visualize platform activity

Track changes and edits and modify standards in-action

Learn how Under Armour and Claravine creates global data standards

The only platform that lets you take ownership of your data integrity.