Deliver on the promise of modern marketing.

Modern marketing promises to drive growth by providing the best customer experience possible.

With Claravine, enterprise brands and agencies deliver on this promise by consistently creating and applying data standards.

Solutions for Any Challenge

Maximize your investments in campaigns and technologies with data standards that drive better results from every tactic.

Enterprise brands and their agencies rely on Claravine.

Customers report:

  • 10-15% increase in return on ad spend
  • 100% data format, tag, and tracking compliance
  • 80% reduction in time spent on manual data processes
Get everyone on the same page to get more done.

When you agree on the data, you can be proactive, drive global collaboration, automate data flows, and quickly adapt to changing business needs.

Data standards are game-changing.

Data standards enable effective strategy and insights, connect creative and content production and accelerate global media and marketing execution.

Claravine FTW

I have worked with Claravine for several years and everyone on our account is responsive. The software operates logically and is highly customizable. Anything I need, I am able to build within the platform. The data flows seamlessly and the team is agile if there are any discrepancies.

Timothy S
Data Consistency Across the Organization

“Claravine helped us ensure data consistency across our global organization. As a result, we have the reliable, detailed insights we need to drive better ad and marketing performance. We spend less time managing data and more time driving ROI.”

Bristol Myers Squibb
Single Source of Truth

“We’ve been able to increase our operational efficiency and it allows us to spend more time focusing on things that deliver business value. We’ve been able to automate in places we hadn’t before. And, because it is a global solution it is scalable – one single source of truth and one platform.”

Marcus Fountain, Under Armour
Visibility into Campaign Performance

“We’ve been able to make it easier for people to manage their campaigns and their campaign data. The resulting visibility into our campaign performance allowed us to make optimized decisions, ultimately involved with improvements to ad spend efficiency.”

Aaron Fossum, Holland America

Put your marketing standards to work

Discover how Claravine can help you and your team thrive in the modern marketing era.

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