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The Enterprise Data Problem

The average Marketing Organization has 50+ point solutions with no way to enforce consistent standards

Over $80B of paid media spend is lost each year to poor data quality due to manual data entry and QA

IBM estimates $3.1 trillion yearly cost of poor data quality in the US alone

Only 35% of executives report that they are seeing value from the AI investments they have made in recent years

And these are just part of the story.


Your marketing stack needs premium data to drive premium performance. Claravine unifies campaign and experience tracking across ad solutions, channels, and marketing platforms, ensuring precision across each marketing execution. As a result, you have the data quality to power unified reporting views, attribution models, and personalized experiences across each customer touchpoint.

How Claravine Helps


Enforce data taxonomies, naming conventions and 
collaborative processes across platforms and teams

Create custom templates for campaign and content data standards

Track, view and edit submissions

Measure compliance and enable audits

Control metadata access by team and system


Validate and monitor campaign, data, and page readiness to ensure
optimal customer experiences and full data capture

Automate data governance across media platforms

Enable decentralized, compliant tracking code generation

Govern workflow for content tagging and publishing

Validate and monitor data, tag, and page readiness


Manage data formats, connect across systems,
and power automated workflows

Modify data formats and control flows across systems

Build applications and workflows on top of Claravine’s API

Automatically ingest and upload to SFTP and secure cloud locations

Instantly transform data to meet system requirements

Hear how Holland America uses Claravine for double-digit increases to campaign performance

Power your organization through Claravine


The only end-to-end platform to standardize, govern, and connect data across every team, system, and channel.