Align to any system requirement

Seamlessly map metadata and dimensions across your essential systems. Customize field mappings to your unique requirements with full control over changes if technology specifications or business needs shift.

Discover our integrations

Connecting your data across different technologies can be complex and time consuming. We do the work for you with pre-built inbound and outbound connectors that make it easy to integrate your data language with each technology’s unique requirements. And as specifications change, our connectors evolve with them.

Leverage the platform API

Implement your own custom solutions, submitting or retrieving data programmatically, or leverage third-party integrations built into our platform.

Choose the data sharing approach that works for you

Have other import/export needs? We offer a range of options including automated connections with AWS S3 and SFTP folders, and support bulk capabilities for large datasets. Plus, our email attachments let you quickly send a file to yourself or anyone who needs it.

What’s next? Put your standards to work

Define your standards in one shared platform

Put your data standards in one accessible place, bringing your taxonomy to life, and helping you quickly adapt to changing data needs. See how.

Apply standards everywhere work happens