Claravine Joins the AWS Marketplace

Claravine is excited to be listed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Being listed on AWS Marketplace allows customers to leverage their existing AWS commitments while unifying their billing processes, eliminating the need for separate procurement processes, and simplifying billing.

The number of teams building data products and solutions on AWS continues to increase. Our listing in the marketplace will enable data teams to use data standards around these efforts while maximizing the value of marketing and customer data. At Claravine, we are committed to eliminating the drama in data for teams.

Two main benefits for customers to purchase The Data Standards Cloud® in the marketplace:

  • Reduced costs: Claravine’s listing on the AWS Marketplace can help you to reduce your costs by taking advantage of AWS’s EDP. This can save you money on your Claravine subscription.
  • Simplicity of procurement: You can purchase Claravine using the same procurement processes and contracts you use for other AWS services. This can simplify the procurement process and reduce the time it takes to get Claravine up and running.

Using The Data Standards Cloud, we ensure data quality at the source, consistently clarifying and applying data standards at scale, freeing teams to work together while maintaining control of their data.

Often overlooked in any digital transformation is the coordination of teams and technology as a key component of the project. A natural position is to not worry about proactively managing your data standards but this misconception can lead to wasted time and energy later in any project.

We can help both brands and agencies create a shared understanding of their data by standardizing taxonomies, naming conventions, and metadata across all digital experiences. By using the platform you get everyone on the same page to be proactive, drive global collaboration, automate data flows, and quickly adapt to changing business needs.

Many customers already take advantage of AWS products alongside Claravine through our integration with Amazon s3. See how your marketing metadata can be shared with your data teams through our custom data model configuration.

Interested in getting started with Claravine through the AWS Marketplace? Reach out to our Sales team

For more information, visit the Claravine AWS Marketplace listing here.

Read the official press release here.

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