Enhancing Campaign Tracking in Adobe Analytics

Analytics Manager Andrew Laycock shares how his team was empowered with data standards from Claravine to achieve faster insights and deeper analysis from Adobe Analytics.

Creating Consistency & Scaling Insights

Hear from Andrew Laycock on how his team at Carhartt used The Data Standards Cloud to unlock the value of trustworthy data.


Manual and Time Consuming Campaign Tracking

As a Data Product Manager of consumer data (now the Analytics Manager for Direct to Consumer), Andrew Laycock’s role was crucial to driving the strategy around consumer data. Knowing what consumer information is collected, how it’s collected, how it’s processed, and ultimately what insights can be pulled from the data to make decisions that drive the Carhartt business forward.

There are thousands of moving pieces with each marketing team responsible for driving their own strategy, content, implementation, and partnership with outside influencers/agencies. The analytics team is the downstream recipient of campaign data codes and attribution models and is responsible for making sense of the inputs.

Prior to seeking a data integrity solution, Carhartt’s marketing teams were manually tracking campaign metadata and tracking codes in complicated Excel files. The analytics team worked to develop a rigid plan for campaign code structures, plus outlines for when and how to use the Excel sheets per team. They also automated macros and rules to help prevent or highlight mistakes. Unfortunately, it quickly proved to not be scalable for a growing company and inevitably each month there
were errors and typos.

Spending more time each week wrangling data and piecing together all the correct data points instead of being able to tell the story of the customers’ journey “was making all marketing channels look bad”. Without accurate and defined variables in each campaign, the Analytics team was unable to answer the mission-critical business questions or make recommendations on where to invest or divest.

“...it was always an uphill battle for people to have the latest Excel version, follow the rules and replicate that campaign after campaign.”
Andrew Laycock, Analytics Manager - Direct to Consumer

Consistency and Ability to Scale

“For us, choosing Claravine was about consistency so we could continue to scale,” says Andrew. As they brought on new team members, The Data Standards Cloud allowed the team to standardize a process and set up the tools and resources that new team members need to know on day one. Additionally, when testing new channels and/or new mediums – “QR codes are becoming hot in retail stores again” – it was easy to define the process and get going with Claravine because there is already a flow in place.

Carhartt rolled out Claravine with a progressive approach, one team at a time, over the span of a year. Individual marketing channels quickly saw the value of The Data Standards Cloud once they were able to easily save/edit campaign details in a centralized space. The newly defined process automatically organized and structured data to create a fool-proof tracking system. Changing the dynamic for collaborations and teams’ ability to accurately measure within a campaign timeframe. The Data Standards Cloud platform has created a space for Carhartt’s content team to track assets, which allows them to measure the velocity of different assets on the website.


Data as The Solution

With The Data Standards Cloud, the team is now equipped to quickly make strategic recommendations based on accurate data. “We have shifted the mindset from ‘data is the problem’ to now, ‘data is the solution’ and we are recognized as strategic partners who help drive the business forward with deep insights, solutions, and new ideas,” says Andrew.

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