Connect data across every

team, system and channel

Claravine creates and enforces a common data language across the enterprise. Our platform allows you to standardize, govern, and connect data across every team, system, and channel. As a result, you have greater agility, improved insights, better digital experiences, and an increased ROI across your marketing investments.

“Claravine helped us ensure data consistency across our global organization. As a result, we have the reliable, detailed insights we need to drive better ad and marketing performance. We spend less time managing data and more time driving ROI.”

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Marketing Data Governance

Automate each stage of data governance

Complete control over data

Standardize content creation workflows

Ensure the right customer experience

Automate each stage of data governance to ensure teams can easily enforce compliant tracking, validate pages and tags, and ensure data standards are consistent across the organization. With the Claravine platform, you have complete control over data formats and flows across systems, ensuring you spend less time on data and more time driving your business. 

Power Your Marketing Ecosystem

You don’t need to replace your marketing and advertising strategy, you need to enable it. Claravine integrates with upstream and downstream systems and existing processesto ensure data standards and governance are applied across the enterprise. As a result, you have the centralized controls to manage data formats, automate data flows, and ensure optimal experiences as business needs evolve.

Integrations and Marketing Tag Validations


Use the Claravine API for additional data integration needs. Create, manage and integrate datasets, transactions and other key information with an easy-to-use API.

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