Build a Marketing Taxonomy

When a large organization gets ready to launch a new marketing campaign, there is a great deal of vision, work and planning involved in bringing it to fruition. A marketing campaign needs to be able to send a unified message across different departments, through different channels and to different consumers as seamlessly as possible.

Simply put, there are a lot of moving parts.

This process requires a lot of data. In order for that data to work, it needs a framework or a structure to follow. This framework is known as a marketing taxonomy. 

In our latest guide, we walk you through:

  • Critical steps when building out your marketing taxonomy
  • The importance of metadata in your marketing ecosystem
  • Questions and considerations you need to make when building out an enterprise-wide marketing taxonomy
  • Other helpful tips to make the process smooth and successful
  • Examples of marketing taxonomies for a variety of industries

Download the guide today and become a champion for your organization’s marketing taxonomy!

Learn how leading enterprises are using their marketing taxonomy for data integrity and global data standards