Case Studies

Learn how leading companies use Claravine to
standardize, govern, and connect data across every team, system, and channel.


Your marketing stack needs premium data to drive premium performance. Claravine unifies campaign and experience tracking across ad solutions, channels, and marketing platforms, ensuring precision across each marketing execution. As a result, you have the data quality to power unified reporting views, attribution models, and personalized experiences across each customer touchpoint.

Under Armour

Saatchi & Saatchi

Holland America


“Claravine helps our teams define and apply data standards to our content and paid media campaign activations”

  • Fortune 50 Manufacturing Company
  •  $2 billion spent on marketing each year
  • 20+ Marketing technologies
  • 300+ Claravine users

$10M+ Estimated quarterly savings

100% Compliance to taxonomy data standards

80% Reduction in time spent on data quality processes

“When you spend $2 billion on marketing, not having the confidence or line of sight into how this mass of spend is performing can cost as much as tens of millions of dollars each quarter.”


“There was complete inconsistency for marketing tracking structure…and how we labeled or abbreviated different categories or campaign names. The solution with Claravine allowed us to standardize all of the types of data that we want to track and keep those in concise pick lists.”

  • Approx $4B total annual ad spend
  • 10K+ annual campaigns run globally
  • 50K+ tracking links generated per month

21+ Teams adopted platform use

100% Campaign data standard consistency

70+ Campaign metadata fields managed

“Claravine helped lay the data standards and governance foundation…so we can focus on the advanced analytics we’re eager to get to.”


“We needed better data so we could make better decisions with our marketing spend. This meant finding an enterprise solution that helped us ensure accurate tracking from the very beginning of each campaign.”

  • Fortune 500 Hospitality Group
  • 1M+ Rooms Across 100+ Countries Globally
  • 5K+ Campaigns Annually Across Digital Channels
  • 350+ Claravine Users
2% Increase in revenue per available room (RevPAR) 99.5%+ Data format, tracking code, tag compliance 60% Reduction in time spent cleaning data by the analytics team
“Claravine unified our campaign tracking strategy so we could make media decisions with consistent, richer data that spanned digital channels, helping us dramatically improve our campaign performance.” 


“Now, we can collectively optimize the customer experience rather than have siloed brand activities.”

  • $43+ B 2019 Revenue
  • $4+ B Marketing Budget
  • Global Fortune 500
  • 3 Global Businesses

Unified teams across brand activities

Enabled complete, accurate flow of data into Adobe Analytics

Identified and improved suboptimal campaigns

Establishing Claravine across company teams gave their multi-channel marketing leads control over campaign deployment and visibility into campaign execution on a regular schedule.


“With Claravine, we’re capturing more information than we’ve ever had before. We’ve cleaned up that unspecified bucket to something more trackable, and we’re deploying campaigns in a more structured way, on top of having the data quality we need.”

  • $15.1 B 2019 Revenue
  • $1.84 B in Marketing Spend
  • Forbes Global 2000 Company

24% reduction of unspecified (external) campaign tracking codes

50%+ Improvement in eCID creation efficiency

98% SMS tracking (was at 0%)

End-to-end tracking benefits the business by facilitating analysis ‘beyond a click’ and ensuring there is complete and thorough metadata to improve segmentation and analysis.


Claravine is redefining data integrity for the global enterprise. The Data Standards CloudTM makes it easy for teams to standardize, connect, and control data collaboratively, across the organization. Leading brands use Claravine to take greater ownership and control of their data from the start, for better decisions, stickier consumer experiences, and increased ROI.