65% increase in digital paid media tracking
    campaign data governance across 14 agencies and 7 different internal teams
    data enrichment of 70+ campaign metadata fields

Leading Retail Campaigns

The leading sportswear company tracks campaigns globally across several geographies, territory and country branches, each using multiple agency groups. The company’s Global Media Science team approached Claravine looking to establish data standardization and governance. Specifically, they wanted to assess the effectiveness of the company’s latest World Cup campaign, involving thousands of digital ads run on multiple channels and platforms in dozens of countries.


Lack of Data Standards

The complex network of teams on multiple levels of the company lacked a common, enforceable process to implement and validate that classifications were implemented consistently and flowing correctly to analytics solutions ahead of execution. Because of this, leaders lacked visibility into tracking, which had become inaccurate and difficult to aggregate. Difficulties included:

  • Multiple Tracking Structures – Multiple campaign names and category abbreviations for tracking codes (e.g. a ‘Back to Football’ campaign abbreviated as BTF, B2F, Back2Football, etc.) disrupted views into traffic and campaign attribution
  • Disconnected Sources – Teams and agencies generated campaign codes on disparate sources (excel sheets, email)
  • Inconsistent Adobe Analytics Reports –Inconsistent values caused attribution and drill-down challenges and limited campaign visibility
  • Aggregation Restraints – Unable to answer basic business asks (‘How did our Back to Football campaign perform globally?’) with dozens of data variations
“There was complete inconsistency for marketing tracking structure...and how we labeled or abbreviated different categories or campaign names. The solution with Claravine allowed us to standardize all of the types of metadata that we want to track and keep those in concise pick lists.”
Fortune 100 Retail Company

Improved Tracking and Decision Making

Since adopting Claravine a year ago, the platform created a centrally governed taxonomy across global teams in a centralized UI along with enabling metadata enrichment for 70+ fields in standardized picklists. It simplified the process of generating tracking codes, populating classifications, and instantly validating tracking capture in Adobe Analytics on an enterprise scale.

An enforced process dramatically improved tracking for the company’s recent World Cup campaign, which involved thousands of digital ads run on dozens of channels and platforms globally. Claravine enables the client’s vision to move away from speculative decisions and use the new data richness, quality, and time savings to develop increased maturity of their analytics, proving the value of their full paid media efforts.

The new data governance model has benefitted teams that are optimizing media programs within a specific channel or region. This includes efforts for paid media, organic and owned social targeted communication with .com apps and email. It also supports the centralized Media Science team, who is searching for broader insights. Those insights inform choices about how media budgets are allocated across channels. They also lead to better decisions about audience targeting, placements, offers, and even very specific creative elements.

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