Claravine Acquires AI-Powered Content Classification Company Netra

Claravine has acquired Netra, Inc, a content classification company powered by artificial intelligence. With the addition of Netra, Claravine’s platform, The Data Standards Cloud, is able to analyze, extract and search metadata from videos and images, adding to Claravine’s core strengths of standardizing data at the source and producing high quality and actionable data that is ready for use and analysis upon creation. This latest acquisition supports Claravine’s goal of taking the drama out of marketing data by putting AI in the hands of marketing teams for data classification across text, creative, audio, and video assets – which are growing dramatically with the rise of generative AI platforms.

“The rapid adoption of AI solutions like OpenAI or Adobe Firefly is accelerating the creation of digital experiences. This explosion of digital assets and creative is creating significant challenges for operations teams – meaning the metadata is often not being categorized in a standardized way which limits the time to leverage data for decisions,” said Verl Allen, CEO of Claravine. “We are excited to accelerate the automation of data standards for marketing, operations and creative teams with Netra’s AI content engine. Our common goal of helping create a shared understanding of data is only possible by being able to control your data standards across the teams and various technology systems. We are also thrilled to welcome Netra’s team to the Claravine family and apply their ingenuity and expertise to advance our platform, The Data Standards Cloud, via AI and automation.”

Netra offers a series of APIs – including Content, Search & Similarity, Livestream and Creative – to data scientists, developers and product teams to unlock the intelligence within video, image, and text content and systematically provision a consistent data taxonomy across a business’s multiple use cases. Netra’s customers include online video platforms, SSPs, media owners, CTV vendors, Data and AI platforms.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to work alongside Claravine’s expert team of data integrity pioneers and advance their mission of taking the drama out of data and applying data standards at the source of creation. Our ability to integrate the Netra capabilities into The Data Standards Cloud enables teams to more easily solve key data quality challenges. AI and automation have a big role to play, and the Netra team is eager to assist in growing Claravine’s product offering and further expanding Netra’s products and capabilities,” said Amit Phansalkar, CEO at Netra.

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