Refer a Colleague to Claravine

Refer a Colleague to Claravine

About the Program

Do you know someone who wants to improve their data integrity, too? Send them our way and we’ll reward you once for submitting a referral and a second time when they become an official customer.

First Reward

$100 Visa Gift Card

Second Reward

$500 Visa Gift Card

How it works: 

  1. Submit contact details on a qualifying referrals* using the button above. 
  2. After your referral has a call with our team, we will reach out to you to organize sending your 1st reward.
  3. When your referral becomes a paying customer of Claravine, our team will reach out again to organize sending your 2nd reward.

FAQ Section

*What is a qualifying referral?

  • Qualifying referrals are submissions with referral details of people who are Directors and above at mid-size ($500M+ annual revenue) or larger companies.
    • Examples: Chief Data Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Directors of Analytics and Business Intelligence,  Directors of Media Operations, Data Integrity Leader and/or Digital Marketing Leaders

What can your referral expect?

  • A Claravine representative will reach out to your referral and schedule a 30- minute call to talk about why Claravine is the right solution for their data governance needs. 
  • We will let them know they were referred by you.
  • They are free to decline and if they do, we will not contact them further.