A familiar, accessible user experience

Help everyone feel data-savvy, whether they are a daily or occasional user. Our intuitive, spreadsheet-style UI provides guidance as teams create and edit.

Govern access

Share a common understanding of standards, while controlling access to the exact data a user needs. Easily set and change permissions by person or team with the click of a button.

Audit, edit, and create
with a built-in safety net

Review data quality and enrich it with additional information. In-platform guidance makes each step easy, while minimizing errors and inconsistencies in your data.

Validate data in real-time

Keep data up to standard with instant warnings when something is out of requirement. Quickly validate marketing tag placement and configuration to move faster without costly mistakes.

Extra safeguards when you need it

For particularly sensitive data, turn on manual approvals before data processes. Check data before it enters your dataset, and add comments for continuous improvement.

What’s next? Put your standards to work

Define your standards in one shared platform

Put your data standards in one accessible place, bringing your taxonomy to life, and helping you quickly adapt to changing data needs. See how.

Apply standards everywhere work happens