Give everyone the data they need to make faster and more accurate data-driven decisions, while ensuring your campaign data is finally consistent everywhere it lives.

How It Works

Fix missing and inconsistent campaign tracking

Stop the spreadsheet madness. Define the campaign tracking codes and parameters you need in a centrally managed platform. As data is entered, it’s validated or flagged so problems can be quickly fixed. Then hit submit and links are ready to go!

Build consistent links at scale

Not only can you build consistent and accurate links – you can do it across all your teams and campaigns. Give guidance and access customized to each team’s channels and roles so they create exactly what they (and you) need in less time with less errors.

Hide (but keep) the details you need

Conceal campaign details and reduce character count in your links with an ID only your business understands. All while attaching unlimited metadata (e.g. audience, product, channel) behind the scenes, shareable with Analytics or other BI tools.