• 24% reduction
    of unspecified campaign tracking codes
  • 50+% improvement
    in eCID creation efficiency
  • 98%
    SMS tracking visibility

Leading Telecommunications Company

Listed as one of Forbes Top 100 Digital Companies for 2019, the Company is a leading telecommunications service with brands and subsidiaries heavily invested in producing digital campaigns and experiences.

The organization, which began implementing Claravine in July of 2018, executes thousands of campaigns across its multiple brands. They needed Claravine’s platform to help standardize naming conventions, apply automated governance for their campaign tracking process, and ultimately produce consistent data for paid media across all lines of business for display, social, and search.

The Challenge

Siloed Data

A manager of digital analytics described the previous state of their campaign tracking process as siloed and confusing. Inaccurate reporting, fragmented data, and overall poor visibility into campaign performance often resulted from a misalignment of cross-functional team processes and inconsistent tracking governance. The business needed to improve data quality and create actionable insights to truly optimize their large marketing investment.

Solutions and Results

Uniform Naming Convention

Standardized naming conventions within Claravine gave the customer the ability to track campaigns at every level, including campaign names, creative asset names, and placement names on the ad set level. As a result, the company has experienced several wins, including more efficient CID creation for campaigns.

Incorporating Claravine into campaign creation workflows ensured a standardized and governed approach, not only to tracking code creation, but also when creating naming conventions for things like placements, ad groups, creatives and campaign names. While different teams are responsible for a specific component within these traditional workflows – for example, trafficking sheets and Prisma files are handled across ad operations and creative teams – incorporating Claravine into the workflow not only eliminated the need for manual QA of values before a campaign launches, but helped to create a uniform naming convention for the organization’s paid media tactics.

Leveraging Claravine’s direct integrations with platforms like Google Campaign Manager and Facebook Ads Manager, the organization was able to synchronize these traditionally siloed advertising platforms and push ad-level data into Adobe Analytics. Ultimately, enabling the team to analyze and evaluate performance down to a creative level. End-to-end tracking benefits the business by facilitating analysis ‘beyond a click’ and ensuring there is complete and thorough metadata to improve segmentation, analysis, and optimization. Additionally, insights can now accurately inform decisions on budget and resource allocation for 5 large lines of business.

Ultimately, automated data governance and tracking code creation help the company and its digital teams deploy and analyze campaign results more easily and ask the deep questions only answerable through detailed metadata.

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