• 2% increase
    in revenue per available room (RevPAR)
  • 99.5%+
    data format, tracking code, tag compliance
  • 60%
    reduction in time spent cleaning data by the analytics team

Global Company

Company executed over 5,000+ digital campaigns globally spanning paid search, display, affiliate, video, offline, PR, social, and others on an annual basis, requiring over 20,000 unique tracking codes annually. This required coordination across various parts of the organization. Leadership needed visibility into which content, creative and campaigns were most effectively driving customer reservations.


Manual Delays

The analytics team was completely responsible for creating and validating campaign tracking for the entire global organization, including both marketing and internal campaigns. This process resulted in media execution delays and comprised a significant burden on the internal team, who had little time remaining to actually provide analytics support.

Furthermore, the existing manual process, based on >20 excel spreadsheet variations, could not account for every scenario, resulting in inconsistent data and human error. As an end result, analytics teams lacked the full campaign views they needed to make decisions.

“Claravine unified our campaign tracking strategy so we could make media decisions with consistent, richer data that spanned digital channels, helping us dramatically improve our campaign performance.”
Fortune 500 Hospitality Company

Increased Campaign Tracking

Claravine enabled automated campaign tracking, allowing coverage to increase from 66% to 99.5% and vastly reduced the amount of time required for the analytics team.

As a result, the company was able to obtain true, cross-channel campaign insights, restoring trust in the data and instantly improving the ability of marketing leadership to make better media decisions and adjust tactics to drive campaign success.

In addition, Claravine provided the foundation for attribution models and analytics tools needed to optimize marketing spend across the global organization. During the first 12 months post-implementation, revenue per available room (RevPAR) increased by nearly 2% YoY, while marketing spend decreased.

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