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Join Cory Meyer, Director of Product Management, to see how you can gain complete control of your content by standardizing data at the source. With data standards in place, enterprises and agencies can create a connected view across key digital assets, from text and creative to audio and video.

With Claravine’s AI solutions, you’ll be able to:

  • Unlock latent knowledge within video, image, and text content to a common data taxonomy
  • Easily control how and when metadata is applied by AI
  • Collaborate on your data standards across teams and technology platforms
  • Facilitate high-quality and actionable data that is ready for analysis

Meet the Speakers

Cory Meyer, Director of Product Management

Cory Meyer has a background in AI and ML startups, driving innovation and pioneering transformative products. With a history of catalyzing advancements in technology, he’s currently focused on product and innovation at Claravine.

Ethan Lowe, Senior Sales Engineer

Ethan Lowe is an Ad/MarTech professional with 15+ years of marketing experience working directly with, and demonstrating solutions for, Enterprise-Level Fortune 100 brands and their agencies. Currently, as a Senior Sales Engineer, he’s focused on helping clients achieve greater efficiency and accuracy through the use of The Data Standards Cloud at Claravine.

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