Driving Drama-Free Data: A 2023 Review

In today’s fast-paced world of modern marketing, Claravine advocates for standardized taxonomies, naming conventions, and metadata. As The Data Standards Company®, our vision is for people, teams, and technology to have a shared understanding of their data. Join us as we take a reflective journey through the achievements of 2023, culminating as our fiscal year drew to a close on Jan 31, 2024.

Customer Wins

Our success in 2023 was marked by exceptional customer wins, as we proudly partnered with the one of largest U.S. sporting leagues and one of the world’s leading media agencies to revolutionize their data standards practices. With the addition of some of the most renowned brands in various sectors, particularly in Pharma and Healthcare, we continue to uphold rigorous regulatory and compliance standards. Our collaboration with seven of the foremost Computer Software companies has been instrumental in streamlining campaigns across their expansive global portfolios. Our reach has extended significantly in the retail sector, with highlights including work with a top Fortune 100 retailer and other US household retailers. Furthermore, we’ve expanded our footprint in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) space, forging alliances with notable brands ranging from high-end sporting apparel companies to innovative pet suppliers.

The year started strong as Claravine was recognized as a Category Leader in Data Management Software by GetApp. Followed by Advertising Week New York, we had the opportunity to convene four marketing and advertising experts to delve into the current state and future needs of marketing data. This insightful conversation explored foundational concepts and emerging trends, including the pivotal role of data standards in building trust, the rise of data clean rooms, and the growing reliance on AI-generated creative.

Notably, as we roll into our new fiscal year, we are excited to announce our MVP Partner Program through Claravine Academy. This initiative underscores our commitment to collaboration, as we join forces with three outstanding brands to become certified sellers of our platform, The Data Standards Cloud®. These partnerships truly exemplify how Claravine is making a tangible difference for businesses seeking to elevate their data management practices to professional standards.


Innovations and Developments

We introduced groundbreaking products and significant updates, such as the Split & Extract feature, Meta Ads Manager and CM360 capabilities, an acquisition and announcement of Claravine AI, and the release of the datasets feature for all users. Simultaneously, UI enhancements throughout the year have streamlined the platform experience, allowing for easy reordering of concatenated fields and easier ways to invite your team into the platform. Read more in our release notes.

Education and collaboration have been a key pillar of the Claravine customer experience. Having launched our online training program, Claravine Academy, customer onboarding with us is a breeze! Elevate how you and your teams are thinking of and using metadata with hands-on training for all user types. Join our community of over 875 certified data experts proudly sporting their Claravine certifications on LinkedIn.

Sharing best practices and learning is still the name of the game through all of 2024. Catch us monthly for our Quick Vine Webinars — a collection of concise virtual sessions aimed at sharing best practices and real-world use cases for establishing data standards.

Industry Expertise

This year, alongside our partners Advertiser Perceptions, we surveyed the enterprise advertising industry and came back with The State of Modern Marketing Data Standards study a window into how the industry is managing its marketing data details. With the report in hand, we sat down with a panel of experts during Advertising Week NY to discuss the results and lay out some expert data standards advice.

We are proud to share that Claravine achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency in the category of Audience and Customer Data Management. This recognition underscores our commitment to providing AWS-validated solutions and services that accelerate advertising and marketing transformation for our customers, including advertising agencies, marketers, publishers, and analytics service providers. Find us in the AWS marketplace!

We continued to bring together industry leaders to provide tools and best practices for campaign and content tracking. At Adobe Summit, we met with 3M to discuss how they transformed their campaign tracking and attribution abilities. Additionally, we partnered with IntelligenceBank to talk through how to streamline content creation with data standards and Digital Asset Management.

2023 came with some significant changes to the marketing industry as a whole. As organizations started to try to figure out how to take advantage of AI capabilities, we shared how you can use AI to help with marketing data. And also walked through how to manage the impact of Apple removing tracking parameters, while amid ever-changing privacy standards.

Company Growth

We’re honored to have received numerous accolades and recognition over the years from esteemed organizations such as Inc 5000 and AdExchanger Programmatic Power Players List. Additionally in the news, we earned over 50 media coverages, distributed 7 press releases, appeared in 4 podcasts, published many bylines, and sponsored 10 events! Our team of Data Standardistas is working hard and is dedicated to simplifying marketing data management for all.

As we conclude our Claravine FY24 Review, we’re proud of these incredible milestones, customer successes, and innovations that have defined our year. Here’s to another year of TAKING THE DRAMA OUT OF YOUR MARKETING DATA!



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