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Unlock control over your content management and compliance processes, enabling your marketing teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively with other teams.

This webinar covers the following:

  • Categorization and standardization: Methods to improve compliance and consistency, making it easier to access and retrieve assets
  • Streamlining workflows: Solutions that can be built into daily processes to enhance efficiency and make content more effective
  • Enhanced collaboration: Break down silos between teams and stakeholders involved in the content creation and distribution process
  • Enhanced measurement and attribution: How to use better content categorization to understand campaign performance and make faster data-driven decisions

Meet the Speakers

Chris Comstock - CGO, Claravine

Chris Comstock is Claravine’s Chief Growth Officer and has more than 15 years in the digital marketing and data management fields – working as a consultant, brand and product leader for a variety of top companies. He now heads Claravine’s product vision.

David Porter -SVP Corporate Development, IntelligenceBank

David Porter, Senior VP Corporate Development & Partnerships at IntelligenceBank, has 20+ years in SaaS and nearly a decade with the company. With a strong tech and business strategy background, he’s instrumental in driving growth, innovation, and strategic partnerships to enhance client experiences.

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