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Claravine AI Release: Content Comprehension

In this video you’ll find an overview of Claravine AI’s first release, Content Comprehension. This includes a demo and examples of how this feature can help address gaps across the content supply chain.

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Take a Roundtrip with CM360 and Meta

See our bi-directional media platform integrations with CM360 and Meta in action! You’ll discover how to enhance your processes and set up roundtrip integrations for the two platforms with ease.

The Power of Datasets for Every User

Introducing the latest evolution to The Data Standards Cloud®️ – datasets for users! Get a closer look at the platform’s revamped look and functionality.

Exploring Claravine’s Capabilities for Meta Ads Manager

Through Claravine’s integration with Meta Ads Manager, teams can seamlessly maintain and adhere to a pre-determined taxonomy rules across fields. This alignment across campaign data equips brands and agencies with the ability to make fast and confident data-driven decisions. This webinar covers how to automatically sync, review, and validate four essential campaign data form fields from Meta Ads Manager into The Data Standards Cloud®, bringing teams enriched data for improved dimensionally and segmentation in analysis.

Maximize Your Data’s Usability with Split & Extract

Whether you’re dealing with campaign data, naming conventions, or marketing taxonomies, Split & Extract provides a valuable solution for auditing, validating, and converting coded dimensions into readable formats.

Claravine experts will guide you through the process of leveraging this powerful new feature in The Data Standards Cloud® to enhance the quality and relevance of your data.

Powered Lists: Streamlining Data Inputs Across Teams

This webinar for Claravine admins covers:

  • The benefits of moving towards a more streamlined process for collecting, sharing and managing data across teams
  • How to connect and configure Claravine templates with powered lists
  • Examples of how powered lists can be implemented into your workflow

Dataset Management for Claravine Admins

This webinar for Claravine admins covers:

  • A 101 lesson on the platform view
  • New features and functionality including sorting and filtering, adjusting the fields in view, row properties, duplicating row data, and export options

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