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Campaign tracking doesn't have to be so difficult

Watch this 15 minute video to learn best practices on campaign tracking and stop worrying about missing data and reports you can’t trust. 

Learn how Claravine helps transform your entire campaign tracking process:

Give everyone the data they need to make faster and more accurate data-driven decisions, while ensuring your campaign data is finally consistent everywhere it lives. 

Whether it’s paid social, social, email marketing, display ads and more – do your campaign tracking links right. 

How it works

Fix missing tracking code parameters and inconsistent values

Define your elements (fields, patterns, lists, taxonomy) in a central place. Then bring them to life in templates – customized to each team, use case, channel.

As people enter data into required fields, it’s validated or flagged if missing or inconsistent

Once ready, your tracking links are ready to go.

Build consistent links at scale

Not only can you build consistent and accurate links – you can do it at volume. Our simple interface gives you the ability to control all the fields you need to create unique tracking links for each row.

Give customized access to each team to build just the links they need – sharing data where needed and unique data when only required for that channel.

Hide (but keep) the details you need in a tracking link

Configure your tracking links to hide the details of your campaign.

When the code is created you can still capture any other metadata you need about the campaign (e.g.audience, product, channel), still associated to the tracking code ID.

You can then send this data downstream for use in Analytics or other BI tools.

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