Support Policies and Service Level Requirements

This support policy applies to the Services, including the software platform provided by Claravine (the “Platform”) under the Agreement, including any Claravine user interface and data feeds, as appropriate.

  • Availability 
  • Uptime and Downtime.
      1. Claravine shall ensure that the Services are available 99.95% of the time in a calendar month, excluding Excused Downtime (as defined below) (“Availability”).
      2. Excused Downtime shall include the following:
        1.  Scheduled Maintenance as defined below
        2.  Reasons of force majeure, as set forth in the Agreement
        3.  Issues associated with your personal computers, networks or the Internet
        4.  Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections
        5.  Issues arising from your misuse of the Services
        6.  Outages caused by third-party provided data and their supporting systems
  • Technical Support: 

Claravine will provide you with access to a support contact for reporting of a failure of service levels and/or functionality of the Platform. In the event the availability or the functionality of the Platform is affected due to a software problem or outage, severity of problems will be classified according to the following descriptions and administered by Claravine’s support group:

  1. P0: The core Platform or critical features are not accessible causing an impact on service availability or a major security issue is discovered, and there is no Workaround.
  2. P1: Critical features are experiencing poor performance with a noticeable impact to customers or non-essential functions of the Platform are not accessible, and there is no Workaround.
  3. P2: A problem which causes difficulty in execution of a non-essential Platform function but overall the Platform is functional or an error that would otherwise be classified as a PO or P1 error but for which there is a Workaround.

“Workaround” means a feasible change in operating procedures whereby an end-user can avoid the deleterious effects of a non-conformance without material inconvenience.

  • Monitoring and Support.  
  • If Claravine becomes aware of possible problems that will likely result in a material delay in the implementation or delivery of the Services, Claravine shall promptly notify your designated representative, giving the cause and probable effect of such delay, and shall rectify any issues in accordance with this Service Level Agreement.  
  • Claravine shall monitor the Services during Claravine’s normal working business hours, which are 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. EST.
  • Prior to releasing new code, Claravine will verify that the new code will not negatively impact the existing data integrations.
  • Claravine shall notify Customer at least two (2) weeks before any code release that may impact the delivery schedule and data integrity of the Services.
  • Claravine will provide accurate data and will define the approach to correcting historical data.
  • Claravine’s system architecture that supports the Services should be designed for redundancy and to minimize single points of failure.

  • Management of Services
  • Maintenance and Unscheduled Outages.
        1. “Scheduled Maintenance” is routine maintenance and requires two (2) business days’ written notice.  The scheduled maintenance window is Saturday 5pm Eastern Time through Sunday 12am Eastern Time.  Claravine reserves the right to schedule emergency maintenance windows with five (5) business hours’ written notice to Customer, and Claravine shall use its best efforts to limit such emergency maintenance to the window between 3am Eastern Time and 8 am Eastern Time. 
        2. The total period of time for scheduled maintenance per calendar month will not exceed eight (8) business hours.  A single scheduled maintenance window will not exceed four (4) business hours in length.  
  • Mean Time to Recover.  Claravine shall use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the following problem resolution standards: 
Priority Name Acknowledge Internally Resolution
P0 Critical 6 Hours ASAP
P1 Important 1 business day 2-3 business days
P2 Normal 2-3 business days 10 business days

Continuity Management.  Claravine shall have an adequately tested continuity plan in place which identifies critical IT resources in case of a disaster within or around the geographic location of Claravine’s main IT source, allowing a return to functionality which complies with this Service Level Agreement within one (1) day.

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