Claravine’s Fall 2020 Internship Class

This fall, Claravine welcomed its inaugural class of interns. I am proud to have these 3 amazing young women on our team. This is the first time we purposefully had multiple interns start at the same time. The experiences each of these women bring to our lean startup add valuable skills to the teams that they are working with.

The goal of the program with this class was to bring talented young women to the company. At Claravine it’s our mission to encourage women to explore the different types of roles that technology startups have to offer and to teach them how to work together as an interdisciplinary team. It’s our hope that they will want to grow with us and join full time when they graduate.

Serena Chin, a Junior from Rutgers University in New Jersey joins the sales team in a business development role. Her previous experience includes selling Xfinity subscriptions in Walmart where she learned “2 no’s and a go”.  Serena is working on positioning against our competitors and helping to increase our prospecting targets as the functionality in the Claravine data platform grows. As we move into new endemics and expanded use cases we can help more companies organize, connect, and govern their metadata. Serena will be learning how to reach out to these prospects and the specific industry and account-based messaging it entails.

Dhruvi Antala, a Senior from Rutgers University in New Jersey, joins the Product Management team.  Her experience includes work in data visualization platforms looking at areas of improvement for product methodology. Dhruvi is working on reviewing our product and support documentation to see how we can use data to identify any gaps. She is enthusiastic about helping us enhance and expand our materials as we continue to grow our platform and our business.

Danielle Thomas, a Junior at Towson University in Maryland, joins the Marketing team. She brings extensive experience in the Social Media space and has worked in promoting events for entrepreneurial women of color. She is currently working on the Claravine ad campaign including search ads and optimizing our blog posts to improve our SEO.  Much like our customers, Danielle is focused on our metadata and how it is integral to the success of our own content and campaigns. She is working in the Claravine platform and has data on hand to help us make informed decisions.

As we move through the semester you will get a chance to hear from each of these talented women about their experiences embedding in our team. They will share some of their key learnings and why the opportunity at Claravine excited them as they look ahead to their careers post-graduation. We have the highest hopes and great expectations for each of them.

Lisa Kaplan
Intern/Diversity Team Lead

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