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  • Manage structured data for campaigns, content, product catalogs or other marketing data
  • Enrich your digital platforms (e.g. analytics, CMS) for better personalization and insights
  • Improve tracking code/Adobe CID classifications globally
  • Build an improved and standardized process in your digital advertising/media operations
  • Unify disparate internal and external teams/agencies around creating clean and uniform data
  • Trying to get a taxonomy implementation buy-in, including standardizing naming conventions across content and campaigns
  • Going through a digital transformation and not sure where to begin

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Marketing success begins with good data. This guide shares the steps any organization can take to implement campaign tracking best practices and optimize spend based on richer insights.

This guide will cover important topics including:

  • How to align campaign measurement with strategic marketing objectives
  • How to enforce a consistent classification taxonomy across teams and channels
  • How to optimize digital marketing based on reported performance metrics

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Claravine Integrates with Adobe Experience Manager to Provide a Seamless Digital Experience Metadata Management Solution

Integration will allow marketers to take full advantage of digital metadata to enhance optimization of search, social, AI/ML, personalization, analytics and more

Lehi, UT (August 11, 2020) — Claravine today announced its integration with Adobe Experience Manager, providing a smarter way to control content metadata and tagging within Experience Manager Sites, Experience Manager Assets, and more. The integration comes at a time when digital transformations are failing; due to an inability to standardize content and marketing metadata across a fragmented marketing technology stack, enterprises are unable to automate the creation and optimization of digital experiences.

“Too many companies fail to automate how they manage digital experiences because they receive a tidal wave of content and marketing data across the various technologies within their technology stack,” said Chris Comstock, chief product officer at Claravine. “Our Adobe Experience Manager integration allows content creators and marketing teams to execute on the same taxonomy and data language within Adobe Experience Manager and other technologies within a company’s tech stack.”

The integration is in response to customer demand for better ways to track, maintain and scale metadata across large enterprises — especially those with many different agencies and teams creating campaign assets. With Claravine, users can connect to Adobe Experience Manager and quickly view and manage data about all the video, images, web pages, product offers and other assets that are part of their campaign. Then, as Claravine standardizes the data model that is crucial for all areas of digital marketing operations, users can easily find missing metadata and sync it back into Adobe Experience Manager, saving teams valuable time and improving their analytics, SEO, personalization experiences, and more. 

“In today’s digital-first world, marketers are challenged with delivering consistent content across multiple channels as well as capturing actionable data to drive business decisions,” said Cody Crnkovich, head of platform partners and strategy at Adobe. “For enterprise customers, Claravine’s integration with Adobe Experience Manager will allow a common taxonomy to be deployed and governed across multiple systems, teams, and business units.”

Claravine’s integration with Experience Manager gives teams the power to do the following:

  • Streamline the deployment and governance of all Adobe Experience Manager metadata with other systems for content owners and marketing teams
  • Optimize the marketing data layer with richer metadata and in-depth attributes 

All of these features will help digital operations run more smoothly while also creating quality data. Controlling the taxonomies in a more robust, purpose-built system will provide customers agile metadata management so Adobe Experience Manager users can collaborate on content while granting other teams access to creating data that drives even more ROI in marketing spend. 

Current Adobe Experience Manager customers can take advantage of this integration immediately by contacting their Adobe CSM for more information, or by requesting more information. Any other marketers who are struggling to automate digital experiences can create a solid data management foundation with Claravine’s platform. Access this guide to get started.  


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Claravine helps connect your teams and technologies to accelerate business decisions. Hundreds of brands globally use our software to enable effective campaign and content performance. Claravine allows organizations to centralize their data structure and governs the process to generate, validate, and connect data, ensuring consistent standards and optimal experience delivery across the enterprise. As a result, companies have richer insights, better experiences, and increased ROI from their marketing and advertising investments.

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