Claravine’s New Chief Product Officer Leads Integrations With Google and Facebook

Today Claravine announced it has hired Chris Comstock as Chief Product Officer, where he will lead product innovation of Claravine’s Digital Experience Data Management™ platform, the campaign and experience tracking platform of choice for over 3,500 brands globally.
“Chris brings nearly two decades of experience with industry heavyweights including Oracle, Adobe, and Bitly, giving him a unique perspective into the marketing technology ecosystem,” said Verl Allen, CEO of Claravine. “In just a few months, he has already delivered integrations with the top media platforms, Facebook and Google, which take in more than half of the total digital ad spend in the U.S. These integrations allow Claravine to further automate enterprise data governance, so that marketing and analytics leaders finally have a fully accurate, consistent, rich view of media performance across platforms and channels.”
Claravine’s new integrations with Google Campaign Manager and Facebook Ads Manager accelerate the process to validate and govern campaign metadata across these platforms. Claravine connects with major marketing and advertising platforms, allowing marketers to synchronize and enrich data before and after campaigns launch. Instead of creating tracking codes manually, analysts can ingest existing campaigns and standardize data without relying on the proprietary data structure of the execution platform itself.
“Many companies waste valuable time and money trying to clean and manage metadata across the martech and adtech ecosystem,” said Chris Comstock, Chief Product Officer at Claravine. “In fact, we’ve found that the average enterprise only accurately tracks 40-60% of its media spend because the process has become so complex, manual and prone to human error.”
Using Claravine’s Digital Experience Data Management™ platform, customers are able to:

  • Implement a consistent enterprise data taxonomy across teams, agencies and channels
  • Automatically generate compliant tracking codes, URLs, and associated metadata
  • Instantly validate tracking and landing page readiness ahead of campaign execution
  • Provide visibility to campaigns and media that are not compliant to tracking standards
  • Optimize campaigns and media performance with richer, unified insights via APIs with most every analytics and BI platform

“Powering great customer experiences requires great data. Unfortunately, the process to enforce consistent, accurate tracking of digital experiences and campaigns is broken,” said Allen. “With Chris leading the way in product development, these integrations are just the beginning. We look forward to the ways our platform will continue to automate data governance and improve data quality for the best brands globally.”
About Claravine
Claravine helps digital marketers analyze and run campaigns more efficiently by unifying the data from multiple campaigns across disparate systems into one single integrated view. Claravine automatically generates and stores campaign codes, and ensures that all new marketing releases are prepared consistently, even when marketers are spread across the globe, and engaged across different marketing channels. More than 3,500 brands rely on Claravine for precise campaign analytics to make better-informed decisions. For more, visit .
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