Dhruvi Antala Joins Claravine as a Fall 2020 Product Management Intern

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The past month and a half has been an exciting and formative experience for me as I continue interning at Claravine. Everyone has been very helpful and welcoming in teaching me more about the company. Under the guidance of Chief Product Officer, Chris Comstock, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the Claravine platform. I have also been working with Lisa Kaplan, who oversees the intern class in addition to being the Senior Account Executive, and the other interns to create a sales strategy for an ecommerce company for our team project.

I am currently a senior at Rutgers University majoring in business analytics and information technology. I have been involved in clubs at Rutgers such as Enactus and a few other technology oriented organizations. I enjoy working at the intersection of business and technology and so my career goal is one that is in product or analytics. Most of my previous activities and experiences have been in analytics, so I was excited to finally explore my interest in product management in this role. I have also worked within my college’s business services department doing various finance tasks. These experiences combined have helped me during my time at Claravine. 

I applied to become a product management intern on Handshake and a 3rd party recruiter introduced me to Claravine. He told me more about the company and how they are a data technology company that is growing quickly. This intrigued me to look more into Claravine and I found what they did to be very interesting, especially as someone with a data and analytics background. What really stood out to me while researching the company was that their platform helps solve a major problem for marketing departments. Soon after, I decided to proceed with the interview process so I could learn more about Claravine and they could get to know me. I had initially spoken to Lisa and Accounting Manager Karen Boyd. In the second round, I spoke to Chris and soon after I was thrilled to be offered an internship. 

So far, I have begun to build a dashboard for various metrics related to business outcomes and performed gap analysis within the product documentation. I am thrilled for what is to come in the future as a Claravine intern and seeing the impact of my efforts. I feel very fortunate for being able to grow professionally at an incredible company like Claravine.

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