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The Marketing Problem No One Wanted to Discuss
As employee #56 at Omniture (now Adobe), I had a front-row seat to the wave of opportunity that digital analytics represented. Marketers had access to information that changed how they could understand and deliver truly meaningful experiences across digital channels.
In the midst of this wave, I also had a front-row seat to a core problem that it seemed was increasingly passed over. In the rush to implement digital analytics, marketers often struggled to achieve the data quality needed to have actionable insights. Despite the vast investments in time and resources, they were left with a high performing engine that simply didn’t have the fuel needed to power it.
I realized quickly this was a systemic issue among all leading brands running digital marketing. Consistent, accurate actionable insights required campaigns to be set up correctly and consistently before campaign launch across each and every execution. Even simple differences in classification language or an old URL could mean dollars would not be tracked or results confused. With organizations spanning teams, channels, and agencies, ensuring this level of consistency would be near impossible without a clear way to govern the process. Waiting until campaigns launched, to check tracking was too late – it needed to be correct from the outset.
My mission felt simple – how can I enable brands to ensure consistent, rich data capture so they have the insights they need to truly optimize their marketing? Ensuring this data capture would feed more than analytics solutions, it would allow the entire marketing stack to run on clean, consistent, richer experience data.
The First Digital Experience Data Management Platform
In 2012 we launched the first SaaS platform meant to enforce consistent tracking setup across all campaigns and digital experiences. Our platform had a few basic principles:

  • Marketing leaders needed to be able to enforce a consistent taxonomy for tracking across all campaigns, tailored to their business needs
  • Users needed to be able to easily generate tracking codes and instantly validate data capture in analytics and third-party solutions
  • The entire experience needed to be simple and intuitive so all users could easily access and get up to speed
  • The platform needed to enable the broader marketing ecosystem; from analytics to marketing automation and marketing point solutions

Of course, solving this problem required more than just technology – it required people willing to help customers every step of the way. Fortunately, we were able to build a team that continues to share this same passion of helping our customers achieve true clarity.
The Future of Digital Analytics
With over 3,500 brands now running on Claravine, we’ve iterated and expanded on our basic platform. If anything, our customers have helped us broaden this vision. Enabling rich, consistent analytics means more than just better insights – it means building rich customer profiles, optimizing content at scale, and driving ad performance with complete information. It means creating the personalized, connected experiences that change how people interact with brands. It means doing what marketing was always meant to do – create experiences that matter.
The digital experience will only become increasingly important to brand success. We stand ready to ensure leading brands have the data they need to power those experiences.

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