Implementing an Enterprise-wide Marketing Taxonomy

Implementing an Enterprise-wide Marketing Taxonomy

In this webinar, how to stitch the marketing information ecosystem together into a coherent whole. Learn from a real-world example of how Factor transformed a tangled web of marketing systems into a lean and sustainable marketing asset. We’ll also learn from Claravine Chief Product Officer, Chris Comstock, on how to operationalize and govern an enterprise metadata model and how to gain traction in your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • Common roadblocks to the effective marketing ecosystem
  • Steps to developing a lean and sustainable enterprise metadata model
  • How these steps should translate to optimize data quality and governance

Many companies struggle to establish, unify and govern a strategic information model across the enterprise due to the challenges of a fragmented marketing ecosystem. When an organization’s tangled web of marketing systems is large and complex, lack of standardization can compromise the ability to understand the customer and business impact of marketing activities.

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