How Often is the Wrong Ad Creative Served?

Advertisers estimate that the wrong creative is served to the wrong consumer roughly 25% of the time. One in four ad impressions result in wasted ad spending and/or have the potential to put their company at risk.

The reason? Lack of confidence in their ability to know where creative assets are running, or tie it back to ROI. Just 15% of US advertisers said they were very confident in their ability to see all creative running across all channels.

How Often are Errors Identified?

7 in 10 US advertisers say it can take up to three days for them to reformat data and reports necessary to evaluate campaign performance, and one in five believe such efforts result in significant costs to revenue.

Advertisers estimated that an average of eight people are involved in fixing reporting errors, and that this process typically takes more than one day to resolve. This results in diverted resources and time that should be spent on analyzing and applying learnings from campaign and data reporting.

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