Tracking Code eBook – Registration

Tracking Code eBook – Registration

The process to manage and enforce consistent tracking of campaigns is broken. Analytics teams often rely on static spreadsheets, homegrown solutions, and manual processes to generate and manage tracking codes meant for agencies and marketing teams. 

Unfortunately, the common processes don’t have a built-in means to easily and reliably validate that tracking is applied correctly, or that analytics tags are configured appropriately on landing pages. 

With little enforcement and highly static tools, tracking standards are rarely enforced, and data flows in silos (or in many cases not at all). As a result, the business absorbs the negative impact on reporting, attribution models, and your greater marketing engine. 

However, progressive analytics teams are solving this challenge by employing an automated, governed approach to defining and enforcing tracking standards across the organization.

This guide elaborates on each core part of this process:

  • Aligning your tracking taxonomy
  • Governing the process to generate, implement, and validate tracking
  • Connecting and enrich your data
  • Driving business results with richer insights

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