Claravine Newsletter: Nov 15, 2017

Take a look here, to see what we’re reading and talking about. Some of the headlines:
–Marketing Analytics: Three Common Data Pitfalls
Monitoring and analyzing data in a silo restricts us from insights that could give us a better understanding of what’s happening holistically, and can lead to overinterpreting certain results. For example, you’ll get a better read of your press coverage data if you look at it alongside social engagement, demand gen, and website traffic. Making data actionable doesn’t have to mean big organizational changes. Incremental steps and data sharing can yield enough results to assess the quality of your process and breed confidence to make more impactful, strategic decisions.  Forbes  (11/1/17)
–Location data beyond the marketing department: A look at 3 use cases
In the next few years, mobile location data will continue to expand its impact. It will play a bigger role in the placement of stores, the pricing of real estate, even the layout of cities and transit lines. Mobile location data can map foot traffic trends and deliver a better understanding of what’s motivating visits to each destination, giving cities and businesses insight to sharpen their competitive edge and attract customers. Seeing foot traffic changes in real time can help real estate investors, and highlight action items for planners and development agencies.  Martech Today  (10/20/17)
–What airlines can learn from smart marketers about the customer experience
No one in today’s age of disruption should think of their market share as safe. If you had asked Sears and Penney’s a decade ago what was going to happen in Retail, neither would have predicted that technology advances in commerce, logistics and the internet would decimate their business. A decade from now we may say the same for major airlines if they don’t change their mindsets around the customer experience. Airlines have a large barrier to entry, but they’re ripe for disruption. Technology creates equilibrium and removes barriers for innovation. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop should be keeping airline executives up at night.  Marketing Land  (10/16/17)
–Data quality varies greatly
Most marketers don’t believe they are working with quality data. A recent study found that 70% of marketers believe that the customer data their organizations are using for marketing is low quality or inconsistent, which means they are spending time and money acting on bad data, which could result in missing the mark with the audiences they hope to reach. This report, from B2B publisher SmartBrief, offers questions to help assess the quality of the data your organization is using, and strategies for improving data quality overall.  SmartBrief  (10/18/17)
–How to make sure your next product or service launch drives growth
Companies have been increasing R&D spend year-on-year since 2005–the total is now over $1.5 trillion globally. Despite this, research shows that more than 50 percent of all product launches fail to hit business targets. Technology has made good product launches more challenging, but it also has lowered the bar for product development, allowing companies and startups to roll out launches quickly and cheaply. Digital technologies in particular have allowed companies to rapidly pilot and scale new services, from loyalty programs to support for existing products. Cross-team collaboration and data quality are key drivers of successful new product launches.  McKinsey  (10/1/17)
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Increased Viewability Boosts Performance  Digital News Daily (11/8/17)
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