Are you trying to solve any of these challenges?

  • Manage structured data for campaigns, content, product catalogs or other marketing data
  • Enrich your digital platforms (e.g. analytics, CMS) for better personalization and insights
  • Improve tracking code/Adobe CID classifications globally
  • Build an improved and standardized process in your digital advertising/media operations
  • Unify disparate internal and external teams/agencies around creating clean and uniform data
  • Trying to get a taxonomy implementation buy-in, including standardizing naming conventions across content and campaigns
  • Going through a digital transformation and not sure where to begin

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Learn how the best brands master campaign tracking

Marketing success begins with good data. This guide shares the steps any organization can take to implement campaign tracking best practices and optimize spend based on richer insights.

This guide will cover important topics including:

  • How to align campaign measurement with strategic marketing objectives
  • How to enforce a consistent classification taxonomy across teams and channels
  • How to optimize digital marketing based on reported performance metrics

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Keep the Campaign Data Flowing: Tag Validation and Monitoring

For digital marketers and advertisers creating campaigns, data and tag/pixel validation provide continuous monitoring of key pages and customer analytics. Users can configure pages that they most care about to help reduce time to a resolution when an error occurs. The Tag Validation Assistant will notify users of any errors or changes that impact data or experiences. 

The benefits of Claravine’s tag validation and monitoring include:

  1. Ensure that data is flowing properly into your execution and analytics platforms by verifying the right marketing tags are firing and sending data to the right place prior to launch
  2. Track your money pages more closely with scheduled validation runs, reducing lost revenue
  3. Save time by automatically validating pages instead of manual checks
  4. Allow marketers/advertisers who set up campaign tracking to validate their tags in real-time instead of requiring a separate technical resource and software platform
  5. Resolve errors more quickly with email notifications sent to the right team or user
  6. Understand the ongoing health of your marketing data

Claravine’s tag validation engine includes: 

A growing library of integrations to the most popular services requiring link and tag validation including: General Website Validation, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe DTM, Adobe Launch, Adobe Target, ExactTarget, Facebook, Google AdSense, Marketo, Oracle DMP (BlueKai), Responsys, Salesforce DMP with more to come.

Integrate a service once and have it readily available for all future validation checks:

Marketing Tag Validation List

The service also provides continuous monitoring of your most important pages/site sections using daily or weekly scheduled runs. Admins can also configure email notifications to users and teams, sending them error reports:

The monitoring system has a dashboard view of all campaigns’ health with the ability to drill in and take action when necessary:

The drill-down includes a detail page outlining the validation performance and the ability to investigate failed validations. You can further dive into your tracked URLs with a performance list that identifies specific checks that have passed or failed:

Tag Monitoring Timeline

As you identify these errors and collaborate with teams to get them fixed, you can also re-run instant validation checks after page/tag fixes have been implemented.

Ultimately, Claravine’s validation engine helps digital marketing teams better ensure that their most important pages and respective tracking platforms are working properly and allows them to fix errors more rapidly, saving significant time and money.

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