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  • Take control of your data standards and maximize your data to drive better business outcomes
  • Stop wasting time trying to clean data with ETL
  • Enrich your digital platforms for better personalization and insights
  • Taxonomy implementation buy-in, including standardizing naming conventions across content and campaigns
  • Improve tracking code/Adobe CID classifications globally
  • Going through a digital transformation and not sure where to begin
  • Unite disparate internal and external teams/agencies around creating clean and uniform data
  • Manage metadata for campaigns, content, product catalogs or other marketing-related data
  • Build an improved and standardized process in your digital advertising/media operation

If any of these issues are important to you, Claravine’s platform can help.

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Why Claravine

Claravine is a leading data platform that helps standardize, govern, and connect data across every team, system, and channel. Hundreds of top brands use Claravine to centralize their content and campaign data structures, governing the process to generate, validate, and connect data. This ensures consistent standards and optimal digital experiences across the enterprise. As a result, companies have richer analytic insights, better experiences, and increased ROI from their marketing and advertising investments.

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