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Let's get started

with a conversation.

We will reach out to you to schedule a 60-minute talk.

This isn’t your typical boring first “intro call” with a sales rep. We go deep and take the time to learn as much as we can about you and your business. We take your business as seriously as you do.

This first meeting will be what we call an
Opportunity Gap 
Discovery Session. 

It’s a mouthful, but really, it’s simple. During the session, we ask these questions about your organization:

What is your company’s data strategy across Marketing, Content and Analytics teams? How do these all work together?

What business outcomes you have to drive, what changes need to happen, and who needs to be involved?

What are the challenges and needs across your entire digital practice?

Think of this as a digital whiteboarding session.

We can support many different use cases, so inviting a 3-6 different stakeholders to the meeting helps make the session more productive. These stakeholders could be from content, analytics, marketing, data strategy, business intelligence, or one person from each.

The output is a deliverable for you and your organization. It will focus on three areas:

A detailed breakdown of the findings from the Opportunity Gap Discovery Session session

Prioritization of the topics discussed and gaps identified in your digital practice

Identification of where Claravine can provide the most value with our solutions

Once we review and discuss the feedback together, we align on the best next steps, whether that is a deeper discussion on a particular use case, product validation for a broader team, or a Q&A session for a different group within your organization.

Sound worthwhile? Let’s get started.