Claravine Hires Industry Leader and Opens NYC Office to Accelerate Growth

Claravine hires industry veteran E.J. Freni to spearhead growth as the company rapidly expands its presence to help brands and agencies automate core processes.

(January 15, 2020) Provo, Utah — Today Claravine announced it has opened an office in New York and hired industry veteran E.J. Freni as its Chief Revenue Officer. 

Freni will leverage more than 15 years of experience in both advertising and marketing tech to help accelerate Claravine’s mission to help brands drive digital transformation and personalization through better data. 

Organizations are spending more than $360 billion per year in digital ad spend across an increasingly expansive technology ecosystem. This explosion of platforms results in highly manual processes that hold marketing and ad operations teams hostage to bad data, broken processes, and poor customer experiences. IBM estimates poor data quality costs organizations $3.1T annually in the US alone. Claravine solves this problem by helping marketing, operations, and content professionals enforce a common, consistent data structure across campaigns and content. 

“I’m excited to help solve a massive problem that costs brands and agencies trillions of dollars annually,” said Freni. “The Claravine platform helps some of the largest global brands focus on business outcomes, rather than spend countless hours on ensuring the systems they’ve invested in actually work together. We want data and process to be a source of competitive advantage, instead of a burden.” 

The Claravine platform solves the data governance problem in three primary ways:

  • Standardize Your Data: Define your data model, naming conventions, and ad operations process centrally. Enforce an efficient, automated process to collaboratively create and execute digital campaigns across teams.
  • Automate Your Governance: Validate and monitor campaign, data, and page readiness to ensure optimal experiences and data capture. 
  • Manage and Connect Your Data: Centrally manage data formats, and control data flows across systems. Power automated workflows with leading integrations spanning Google, Adobe, Facebook, and others.

“At Claravine, we see firsthand how many organizations lack the rich, consistent data required to deliver optimized digital experiences and content for each audience at scale,” said Verl Allen, CEO of Claravine. “This means billions of dollars are often spent blindly in digital marketing. Freni will help brands access actionable customer data with Claravine. By unifying systems and streamlining workflows, every organization can ensure they deliver optimal digital experiences with confidence.” 

Claravine’s customers have seen the following benefits:

  • Better Experiences: 10-15% increase in ROAS for each new dollar tracked through enhanced  visibility into cross-channel performance, improved automation, and validated experience delivery 
  • Better Data: 100% data format, tracking code, and tag compliance leading to better investment and optimization decisions 
  • Better Process: 80% reduction in time spent on data quality processes and campaign setup, allowing organizations to focus on higher-value activities

Claravine continues to expand rapidly, with three consecutive years of more than 100% revenue growth. In addition to its headquarters in Provo, UT, Claravine has opened new offices in Denver and New York City. With Freni on board, the company expects to further accelerate its ability to help brands deliver better, real-time experiences to customers. 

About Claravine

Claravine is the leader in Digital Experience Data Management™, with thousands of brands globally using our software to enable effective campaign and content tracking. Claravine allows organizations to centralize their data structure and governs the process to generate, validate, and connect data, ensuring consistent standards and optimal experience delivery across the enterprise. As a result, companies have richer insights, better experiences, and increased ROI from their marketing and advertising investments. For more information, visit


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