Claravine Newsletter: May 17, 2017

Take a look here, to see what we’re reading and talking about. Some of the headlines:
Marketing Technology May Never Consolidate (But That’s a Good Thing)
Marketing technology has consolidated to the point where it looks like a pyramid: a few billion-dollar giants on top, dozens of $100 million firms at the next level, and thousands of companies with less revenue below that — with that number increasing steadily. By revenue distribution, the industry is consolidating. But by number of firms, it’s expanding: a common market structure in the digital age known as a “long tail.” The result could be a market that is consolidated at the platform level, with diverse specialized products available to plug into those platforms. Ad Age  (4/17/17)
What your paid search KPI says about you
The great thing about paid search is that you can measure multiple metrics simultaneously. But you can’t effectively measure progress against more than a handful of variables over time — it’s important to be intentional about where you put your focus. You’ll need to choose what’s most important to your brand. It makes sense to take into account metrics like impression share, to see how visible ads are for particular keywords. Search Engine Land  (4/27/17)
Social Listening Is More Than Vanity Metrics (Report)
Effective social listening means using social data to inform your strategy, and moving away from vanity metrics. Likes, shares, stream views and follows may look good, but they don’t create meaningful feedback. What’s more, businesses that only listen for their brand or product name miss out on relevant conversations among customers and prospects that could easily lead to conversions. Ad Week  (4/19/17)
Ethics In User Experience Design
As a normal part of their daily browsing routine, the best UI designers effectively “hack” into the thought patterns of web users. When designers succeed, it often results in the success of the product itself. Author Hila Yonatan argues that this constitutes an ethical challenge, from the moment the user crosses the line of seemingly-motiveless decisions that serve their own interests, to serving the interests of the system. She offers guidelines for designing responsibly. Usability Geek  (4/4/17)
Big data security, privacy becomes a concern for marketing analytics  Tech Target  (10/11/16)
In today’s data-driven world, it is impossible to do marketing without data and analytics. The proliferation of new consumer-centric technologies and IoT devices is creating a world deluged with information, creating new opportunities — and challenges — for marketers. Tech Target  (10/11/16)
Why your explainer video matters to your B2B customers  Tubular Insights  (5/1/17)
If some B2B marketers still aren’t using video content in their marketing, the data indicates they probably should be: 54 percent of senior executives report sharing work-related videos with their teams every week. Video works as a medium because our brains are attuned to storytelling; a good narrative can catch your prospect’s attention in a more personal way and help them remember it longer. Tubular Insights  (12/16/10)

4 Keys to Improving Your Analytics Team  CMS Wire  (5/2/17)

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