Creating a Customer-Centric Experience Through Data

Whether it’s because being customer-centric in the digital world is difficult when users seem like data, the right elements and resources aren’t in place, or there’s too much extra data to know what to use, not all marketers know where to start when it comes to tailoring to customer experiences.
Personalizing and improving digital experiences means more sales, greater loyalty and longer relationships with customers. Providing a customer-centric experience can be achieved via data.

Becoming Customer Centered

A client-centric approach focuses on the belief that customers are the reasons businesses exist, and are core parts of how businesses operate and grow — so they do whatever they can to keep their clients happy. This approach results in loyal customers. New customers can be difficult and costly to find, so customer-centric approaches are more about keeping customers you already have by offering superior service, more products, and an all-around great experience.

Building Consumer Profiles

Consumers get their content from websites, ads, emails, posts, apps and the devices on which they access websites. This means companies need to reach across a variety of mediums to stand out. Creating enjoyable experiences from start to finish based on customer identity requires data analytics tracking to understand who customers are, where they come from, how they behave, and what they really think of your business.
Even collecting an email address — which many consumers use to log into websites, social media accounts and apps — leads to useable insight. In an encrypted format, data from an email address can be matched to cookies and other user profiles across different channels to deliver customized experiences across platforms to a customer as an individual. When you create more of these consumer profiles through your data, you can focus on personalizing experiences not only for individuals, but your ideal audience.

Responding to Consumer Demands

Customers want to be connected with the brands they interact with, and personalization can be the key to earning their loyalty. Whether they’re contacting customer service via your call center software or looking at their phones and a mobile app, customers want personalized interactions that go beyond targeted ads. Companies can respond with data-management platform models that are experience-based and comprehensive; this allows them to bring together consumer data from many departments and keep all interactions personal. Brands that use platforms to interact with customers as well as gain useful data can tailor customer experiences.
When responding to customer demands, it’s important to test digital experiences. You know how your strategies work, but seeing how well they’re executed in context can make a world of difference. Looking at your links from the customer’s side of things and collecting user feedback may reveal consumer and strategy insights. When combined with link trackers and internal data, you often get a complete picture of who your customers are and how they interact with your platforms.

Analyzing Your Customer Experience With Claravine

Collecting and efficiently using data are the keys to business success in today’s world. When you choose Claravine as your data governance solution, you automate all the tedious and error-prone parts of data collection, ensuring you get reports you can trust, and workable insights. Get a clearer picture of your online campaigns and ideal audience. Contact us to find out more.

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