The Big List of Marketing Metadata Fields

Marketing Metadata Checklist

Are you currently experiencing metadata overload? Have you gained 25 fields of metadata in the past 6 weeks? Are your databases starting to feel snug? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then have we got the program for you!

Jokes aside, creating rich, thorough, and accurate metadata for your digital marketing assets is actually an important and often overlooked process. This data is important because your execution and decision-making systems rely on these values for personalization, segmentation, analytics enrichment and more. 

There are a number of items marketers manage that require or can be optimized with rich metadata. The marketing assets most notable are what I like to call the 4 Cs: Campaigns, Content, Coupons, Catalogs. While there may be others, I find that these 4 have the most need for thorough metadata. 

Campaigns are primarily digital campaigns that have varied metadata including creative, audiences, placement, and other key attributes. 

Content can mean anything from blog articles and PDFs to videos and images with metadata that includes creator, publish date, keywords, word count, file size, etc.  

Coupons are digital coupons that have discounts, expiration dates, usage thresholds, and more. 

Catalogs have extensive product listings that require metadata like price, category, manufacturer, and dozens of other attributes. 

The following checklist for these marketing assets is not exhaustive – we’ve seen metadata templates with over 70 elements. However, we want to give you an extensive example of the type of metadata savvy organizations use to enrich their campaigns, contents, coupons and catalogs.

Here’s a list of 125+ marketing metadata elements companies use for their digital marketing assets:

And here’s an easy-to-copy version:

Campaign NameAsset IDCoupon NameProduct Name
MediumTitleIDProduct ID
SourceContent TypeNameModel
Campaign OwnerDescriptionMessageCategory
Campaign ObjectiveCategoryProductDescription
CategoryMedia FormatDiscountListing Price
Go Live DateContent CreatorCreativeSale Price
Ad Start TimeContent OwnerDiscount TypeURL
Ad End TimeSEO KeywordsCTAUPC
Creative NameAgencyDurationSKU
Creative Start DateClientOfferShipping
Creative End DateFile SizeAmount OffReviews
Creative IDLanguageExpiration DateRelated Items
Creative Landing Page IDRights/UsagePercent OffRating
Creative Landing Page NameSeasonCampaign NameMerchant
Creative Message DetailCrop SizeCampaign ThemeMaterial
Creative TypeGeoPlatformIs Sale
Placement IDJob NumberCurrencyImage URLs
Placement NameProduct Line or BrandDestinationDiscount
Placement StrategyRegion/LocationStatusDimensions
Placement Group TypeURLTracking CodeDate Updated
Primary PlacementUsage/RightsAudience SegmentDate Added
Placement Group IDVideo LengthCreated ByCurrent
Placement CompatibilityWord CountLocationCondition
Placement CommentsPublish DateMax RedemptionsColor
DeviceExpiration DateRedeem By DateBrand/Manufacturer
PriorityCopyright Brand/Manufacturer Number
PublisherCopyright Year ASIN
Purchase MethodVersion Weight
Rotation Type   
Rotation Value   
Site ID   
Site Name   
Ad ID   
Ad Name   
Ad Click-Through URL   
Ad Landing Page ID   
Ad Landing Page Name   
Audience Segment Name   
Audience Type   
Cost Structure   

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