The Benefits Of a Central Data Model in Adobe Experience Platform

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Adobe and Claravine recently announced Claravine’s participation in the Adobe Exchange Program as a Premier partner. We will be working closely with the Adobe field team to enable automated data governance to current and future Adobe Experience Cloud customers. Part of this collaboration is to promote the value between the Claravine platform and Adobe Experience Platform, standardizing data at scale and enabling a central data model.

Claravine allows organizations to ensure data quality by centrally defining their taxonomy and enforcing governed processes for marketing, operations, advertising, and content professionals.  With a 96% customer retention rate, Our approach to addressing the data quality problem through data standardization and governance is working well. This solution is fundamental to success with Adobe’s Experience Cloud, including its newest product Adobe Experience Platform, which is built to consume and activate hyper-granular levels of data to provide a ‘360-view’ of your customer and their experience.

The need to address a broken process

Data quality is a problem that is growing due to a proliferation of platforms, divergent processes, manual governance, distributed teams, and staff turnover. Many organizations lack the rich, consistent data required to deliver optimized digital experiences and content for each audience at scale. This means billions of dollars continue to be spent blindly. Now more than ever, organizations need to make sure they have better control and grasp on how their money is spent.

Given the vast financial and time investment companies put into implementing and maintaining digital systems and producing experiences with the Adobe Experience Cloud, it’s alarming to witness the general market absence of an enforceable and scalable process to keep that data clean, structured, and flowing correctly into those systems.

We see this all the time in even the largest, most recognizable brands. As a result, campaign tracking and content data management are often highly inaccurate and difficult to aggregate by the campaign, content type or region. Ultimately, this lack of data quality reduces organizational confidence in results and limits the value that can be derived from solutions like Adobe Experience Cloud.

A better way to collaborate on data

Digital marketing teams in analytics, content, and campaigns using Adobe can avoid the costs and manual processes associated with broken data by leveraging the Claravine platform. This is done by enforcing a consistent data structure that is scalable across all campaigns and content. Working together with Adobe, we help Adobe Experience Cloud customers create actionable customer data. By unifying systems and streamlining workflows, every organization can ensure they deliver optimal digital experiences with confidence.

There is alignment between our technology vision in the way both Adobe and Claravine talk about data best practices. There is a lot of emphasis on helping customers to centralize and standardize their data and content across the enterprise. Together, we put that vision into practice as Claravine prepares data for Adobe Experience Platform by enforcing a standard metadata structure to more efficiently unify data from multiple data streams to enable a central and common data model.

Users’ experiences with the Adobe Experience Cloud are enhanced when Claravine is used to enforce metadata standards from pertinent data streams. Adobe applications are more effective when there is an added layer of data control and governance upstream before data gets pushed into Adobe’s Experience applications.

Building on a strong relationship and adding value to Adobe customers

Claravine has a unique and long-standing relationship with Adobe. “I started as Claravine’s CEO in early 2018, after 11 years at Adobe and Omniture. It has been really exciting to experience Claravine’s tremendous growth over the past couple of years. I’m confident that working more closely with Adobe will only increase the rate of growth moving forward. Ongoing growth in our partnership not only makes sense for our internal teams who are dedicated to enabling better decisions with better data, but it will be a huge advantage for our customers as they seek actionable insights and greater returns on their marketing investments,” Verl Allen, CEO of Claravine.

The common problem of poor data quality can impact the value that Adobe customers receive from their data in Adobe’s experience solutions. Now, Adobe reps can collaborate with Claravine to reduce the risk of attrition over bad data. Additionally, aligning a marketing organization under a common data model creates an opportunity to add value to customer experience analysis and optimization with better data.

Claravine has a free tool to help your organization diagnose Adobe Analytics data quality that you can access here.

Seeing results

A mutual customer and leading tourism company maximized the value of their data using Claravine with Adobe Analytics together.  A broad range of teams and marketing point solutions made enforcing data structures virtually impossible. Inconsistencies made it so less than half of digital media was accurately tracked, limiting their ability to drive data-backed decisions.

Using Claravine enabled the company to increase the accurate tracking of digital media from 37% to 99% in the year following implementation. Improved data management processes resulted in a double-digit improvement in ad spend efficiency.

We get reports of results like this in a variety of industries across our global customer base (see our Case Studies here). Analytics teams reduce their time spent on data cleanup by 80% on average. Digital marketing teams are able to increase their ROAS through better visibility into cross-channel performance. All of this is made possible by integrating the Claravine platform to standardize, govern, and connect the data across the organization.

Working together with Adobe to deliver the value of a common data model for global brands and supporting the vision of real-time and scalable personalized customer experiences is a mission that we’re excited about. We’re optimistic about this partnership and how it will positively impact our shared customers.

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