Content Metadata Matters: How Claravine Helps You Keep Track

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Every business has a purpose. Someone has a problem, your business has the solution. So, what issue does Claravine solve? 

The short answer: Claravine provides simple tools that assist your company in tracking, managing, and standardizing your marketing data. If you’d like to know the who, what, where, when, why, and how, keep on reading.

First, here are a few stats:

  • IBM estimates that poor data quality costs organizations $3.1 Trillion annually in the U.S alone.
  • Over $80B of paid media spend is lost each year to poor data quality due to manual data entry and QA.
  • Marketers spend ⅓ of their entire budget on an average of 50+ point solutions with no way to enforce consistent standards.

That’s a lot of wasted time, effort, and especially, money. The last time I checked, those are three things that no one wants to just throw away. That’s why it’s important for marketers to find a way to easily manage their content metadata all in one place. Hint: Claravine is that one place.

What is Content Metadata?

In a nutshell, metadata itself is data about other data. It gives you information about your information. Metadata consists of categories including your product, campaigns, creatives, experience, and people, with content ranging from web pages, ad groups, and more. Content metadata contains the descriptive values of said content. Not only should you make sure to keep track of this information, but you should also remember the importance of having complete content metadata.

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Consistency is Key

When our data is all jumbled up, things get lost, information gets misinterpreted, and our analytics aren’t clear. Based on the previously mentioned statistics, we know that failure to standardize data leads to what? Wasted money from poor data quality. Assuming that you’re a part of the vast majority of people who want to save money and generate bottom-line results, your marketing team needs tools that ensure consistency. Being able to access better insights allows you to make smarter marketing investments, thus increasing your ROI. Luckily for you, reading this article right now means you’ve already reached your desired destination. Claravine is that tool.

Standardize + Govern + Connect

What is the Claravine product? It’s the only platform that allows marketers to standardize, govern, and connect data across every team, system, and channel. We help digital marketers have all the tools they need to ensure that all of their marketing data is speaking the same language. Let’s talk about how Claravine will assist you in organizing and optimizing your company’s digital marketing efforts.

Campaign Data Governance

  • Build custom data templates by channel and team
  • Enable decentralized, compliant tracking code generation
  • Centrally modify and control standards over time

Content Data Governance

  • Centrally manage your content taxonomy
  • Enforce consistent content tagging and classifications
  • Become a central location for content metadata

Power Your Ecosystem

  • Ensure 100% data accuracy and consistency within your analytics
  • Connect to data science teams and data warehouse applications
  • Automatically connect campaign plans with compliant tracking details to ensure faster time to market and reduced human error

Having an organized, efficient and complete content metadata management system leads to positive results when it comes to choosing your marketing efforts, increasing your ROI, and analyzing your data. Learn more about how Claravine can assist you in cleaning up your data analysis process here.

Want to see the Claravine tool in action? Below is a use case demo video for an ecommerce company, Rue Gilt:

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