The Data Standards Cloud® Powered by AWS

As advertisers and marketers look to leverage the cloud to innovate and lean into digital transformation, they are increasingly looking for partners with services and solutions purpose-built to meet their needs. Claravine is powered by AWS to support their use cases.

Learn how Bristol-Myers Squibb achieved data compliance

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) partnered with Claravine to centralize all marketing data management through The Data Standards Cloud, powered by AWS. This streamlined approach replaced manual methods, like Excel, for tracking and managing data, particularly UTM code creation. Now, with quality data inputs, BMS integrates quantitative web metrics with qualitative metadata for a comprehensive view of user journeys across campaigns. Marketing teams now have the ability to deliver a sophisticated omnichannel experience to their global customers.

Carhartt and the value of “unseen” data integrity

Leveraging The Data Standards Cloud, powered by AWS, to implement a data management strategy, Carhartt enforced consistency across external and internal campaigns. Allowing the analytics team to pull reports, conclude insights, and give strategic recommendations to leadership in days instead of weeks. By progressively rolling out data standards across all marketing strategies Carhartt has been able to continuously improve on their personalization efforts.

Our Solution

Standardize Data at the Source

By using Claravine’s solutions, you get everyone on the same page to be proactive, drive global collaboration, automate data flows, and quickly adapt to changing business needs. Many customers already take advantage of AWS products alongside Claravine through our custom data model configuration with Amazon s3.

A Shared Understanding of Data
  • Ensure data quality at the source
  • Drive global data consistency
  • Accelerate operations and decision-making
  • Compete in a fast moving digital landscape

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Claravine Achieves AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency

The Data Standards Cloud, powered by AWS, lets customers take a proactive approach, addressing the root of data problems by activating unique standards across people and technology.

Claravine Joins the AWS Marketplace

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