How Claravine Helps with the Content Supply Chain

Adobe Experience Manager

With Claravine, correct and enhance content data, simplify collaboration, and better measure creative performance.

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Adobe Workfront

Use the Data Standards Cloud to generate naming conventions and enable other teams with the project fields they need.

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Adobe Analytics

Claravine connects standardized data to analytics for rich, dimensional insights and attribution and quick executive readability

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Data Standardization and Management

Claravine ensures every piece of content and data conforms to predefined requirements as it moves across the Adobe ecosystem and beyond.

Standardization is crucial for maintaining consistency across platforms and channels, allowing you to build more accurate and detailed reporting. By managing data standards, Claravine helps businesses avoid costly mistakes.

Workflow Efficiency

Integrating Claravine with Adobe tools streamlines content supply chain management. It automates the application of data standards, reducing the need for manual checks and corrections. It also helps with scaling as AI speeds up content creation.

Accelerate the time-to-market for new content and free up valuable resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than operational troubleshooting.

Enhanced Analytics and Insights

With Claravine ensuring data integrity, insights from analytics become more reliable and actionable faster. And when teams can trust data it leads to better decision-making.

Maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, personalization efforts, and overall digital strategy.

Collaboration and Connectivity

Claravine acts as a bridge between teams and systems within the Adobe content supply chain.

Centralizing data standardization and metadata management facilitates better collaboration between content creators, marketers, data analysts, and IT professionals. This connectivity ensures everyone works from the same playbook for better outcomes.

“Tighter governance with Claravine could easily lead to 20% ROI.”

Solutions Engineering Director @ Cardinal Path

“The Claravine technology helps keep data in order across different workflows so that teams work together more efficiently.”

Head of Data Consulting @ Leading Global Advertising Agency

“Firstly, Claravine helps solve the issue of data governance, with nearly 100% insight into our data collection. Secondly, it creates an opportunity to fast track or create more robust measurement and analytics capabilities.”

SVP, Integrated Customer Engagement @ Leading Global Advertising Agency

“Making sure that you have the best handle on what portion of your advertising interaction does remain observable, that makes a platform like Claravine even more imperative.”

Solutions Engineering Director @ Cardinal Path

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